[สปอยล์] Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha Ep. 15, the episode of revealing every drama. Gongjin’s tears

just one more episode tvN’s Feel Good Romance Series Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha is finally leaving. Along with the important clues of the characters in the story, in Ep.15 (October 16), the episode of answering all the drama characters. until the tears almost flooded Gongjin

The following article will discuss the clues of the characters that have been solved in the past episodes. There will be several spoiler messages. For those who haven’t seen Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha EP.15, you can skip ahead.

Why did Jang Yi Joon refuse to go home?

Jang Yi Joon (played by Ki Eun Yoo), the son of the Young Gook Village Chief. and community leader Hwajeong, a 9-year-old boy who is smarter, more humble and more mature than his peers. After Lee Joon learns that his father and mother They will reunite their relationship after divorce. causing Lee Joon to leave the house to play with his friend (Bora) until late at night, he still hasn’t returned home. Hot to the parents and Bora family looking for them. until he meets Lee Joon crying alone at the playground.

The little boy who never sheds tears after his baby teeth fall out. cried a lot in front of his parents who asks about the reason for not returning home What are you angry about, father and mother? The words that came out of Little Zhang Yi Joon’s mouth. So honest and heartbreaking to the point of tears. Jang Yi Joon revealed to his parents, where parents get back together He was so happy that he cried. and still can’t go home for fear that if his parents are sad if they see his tears

“I was happy until tears flowed. I’m afraid that if I cry parents will be sad In fact, besides the birthday or the date the award was not received I want to eat with my parents. I want us to be together in the same house.” Jang Yi Joon Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha

This scene was filmed in a Long Take style for the actors to convey the emotion in one go, and little Ki Eun Yoo was able to convey the emotion through the dramatic performance of this dramatic scene. I believe that the scene must eat many people’s hearts until the tears flow for sure.

The real reason Chief Hong returned to Gong Jin.

It is said that the big crux of the story has been revealed once with the question of what occupation did Chief Hong ever do before returning to Gong Jin? which reveals the life story of the character Chief Hong (Kim Seon Ho) while in Seoul. He graduated from Seoul University. The Faculty of Engineering is true. But he chose to follow Jungwoo, a senior who respects him like a real older brother. Turn your life into an asset fund manager career. Everything seems to be going well. But when the crisis hits Benjamin Holdings. in the US bankruptcy This resulted in stock markets around the world plummeting. One of the people who was severely affected was the company’s security guard uncle, Doha’s father (assistant director of variety crews who came to film in Gongjin), who previously followed. I would like to apply for a fund that Hong Du Shik takes care of. Even though Hong Du Shik refused many times, he didn’t want to invest. because of high risk But Doha’s father eventually invested in his home insurance and borrowed money. And also invested in something that Hong Doo Shik didn’t recommend until it lost more than 70%. But then Doha’s father became so anxious that he thought of suicide. After Hong Du Shik finds out about it, he rushes to meet Doha’s father despite his hard work. Jungwoo, the older brother who is worried about Hong Shik, comes to volunteer to drive for him. Until an accident causes Jungwoo’s death. Only Hong Du Shik survived.

The person who brought Hong Doo Shik back to Gong Jin.

A feeling of guilt repeatedly crept into Hong Doo Shik’s life, like a monsoon of intense pain. Both feelings of guilt towards Father Doha and the loss of a close brother who is like a real brother by thinking that it was his own fault causing him to see no path to continue living Hong Doo Shik chooses to let his life go on the river on the Han River Bridge like a person who has lost his way of life. But the moment he stepped on the edge of the bridge His hand slipped until he lost his footing, fell down and regained his footing until the mobile phone fell. So he saw the message from Mr. Kamri. Grandmother who took care of him since childhood after his grandfather died. Address at Gongjin

“Doosik, now I’m in Seoul. Can we meet? Wrap it with your favorite rice. I almost forgot your face. I really miss you so much.” Message from Grandma Kim Kamri

This message caused Hong Doo Shik to cry heavily by the bridge. He who used to live so busy that he forgot someone at Gong Jin. But when I read that message Mr. Kamri and Gong Jin It was like holding on to Hong Du Shik’s life. Hong Doo Shik decides to return to his hometown in Gongjin. Even though he hadn’t thought of suicide, he didn’t know how to go on with his life. I can only lock myself in an empty house But people in Gongjin often frequented by knocking and calling. Some came without saying anything. some bring food Until he started to pay respect to help fix the lights, take care of the shop, as if he didn’t want Hong Du Shik to be alone and lonely. He did everything that was worshiped. until becoming the head of the Hong of Gongjin …The people of Gongjin really saved Hong Du Shik’s life. (and there is another person who helps to look at the members Who will it be? Let’s go see for yourself.)

Master Hong’s unlocking moment.

Hong Doo Shik feels sorry for your family to the security guards of the assistant director of Doha’s father. He reveals the truth to Doha, who comes to Dak Jae and asks Hong Doo Shik the truth in front of his house. The story that Hong Du Shik sold all his personal belongings. Grant for the family of Doha And the reason why Doha’s father wanted to invest in assets. in order to give his son a good suit Apply for a job

and unlocking Hong Doo Shik’s feelings from Jungwoo’s wife The loss of both important brothers made Hong Du Shi’s life very difficult. And the loss of a wife’s beloved husband is also very serious. Only time is enough to reduce the weight of each person’s pain. Jungwoo’s wife brought a lovely son to meet Hongshik at Gongjin and talked about that he didn’t feel any resentment and tell Hong Doo Shik to forgive himself.

And even more than unlocking the feeling is that Hong Doo Shik meets Jungwoo (soul) again. Doosik apologizes to Jungwoo And Jungwoo says it wasn’t Doosik’s fault that caused him to die. And it’s okay to live on…

“Look Chick, have you told me before? It’s not your fault. And it’s okay, look at the members. How are you still alive like this? So look at the members Mr. Let’s continue to live. not for me but for yourself do whatever you want to do take the boredom aside If life is good enough to be satisfied Then we will meet soon.” Jungwoo, Hong Doo Shik’s senior.

Mr. Kamri went to have a picnic.

The friendship of three elderly women Gongjin Fish Market Grandmothers can bring tears to the viewer’s eyes like a jar with the scene where Mr. Kamri comes home alone after lending a house to filming a variety show As Mr. Kamri cleans the lonely house alone. Two sisters and grandmother joined to help clean up because they were afraid that the gang’s big brother would be lonely. Although Mr. Kamri complained to both of them But I’m glad that the sisters come along to make the house not lonely and also offer to stay overnight with Khun Kamri’s friend tonight.

While the three girls are having small talks about getting older, what’s good? Khun Kamri also spoke about the advantages that have been around for a long time. I’ve eaten a lot of good food, I’ve seen a lot of late-night views, I’ve met good people, I’m really happy now. Even the three of them laying in bed talking to each other was so happy, all the good things were around, excited like a picnic day, so the girls thought of inviting them to have a picnic the next day.

But then Kamri passed away peacefully at the dawn of that day. who woke up to meet by the middle grandmother “Sleep well. Go have a picnic in a nice place in advance and wait for me.” It’s like unlocking the carefree and happy life of Mr. Kamri. The friendship of three elderly women The fish market grandmothers are very cute. So many people really appreciate it.

The last clue remains unsolved. Who is the person who won the lottery in Gongjin Village? Will it be answered in Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha Ep.16 at the end of the night? Have to come and see. Let’s say goodbye to the people of Gongjin together. Thai series fans, don’t forget to follow on Netflix at 21.00



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