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​Aekyung Industry AGE 20’s new model actress So Yi-hyun

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AGE 20’s model So Yi-hyun’s image. [사진=애경산업 게종 ]

Aekyung Industry’s representative cosmetic brand, AGE 20’s, announced on the 18th that it has selected actress So Yi-hyun as its new brand model.

AGE 20’s explained that actress So Yi-hyun’s refined image, self-confidence, and healthy inner beauty, who have maintained a lively skin through self-care after debut, matched well with the values ​​pursued by the brand, and was selected as the brand model.

AGE 20’s plans to strengthen communication with consumers by developing a campaign that can be experienced and sympathetic to in everyday life with So Yi-hyun and the message ‘To me who loves me’, and talking about the beauty pursued by the brand. In particular, along with So Yi-hyun, who has a friendly image to the public, it is a plan to approach customers in a friendly way and move forward as a lively brand.

An AGE 20’s official said, “We expect a great synergy between So Yi-hyun, who is popular with the public for her colorful charm, and AGE 20’s brand, which is loved by customers based on differentiated product power.” We plan to strengthen the brand image of AGE 20’s.”

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