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​dtac accelerates the management of SPAM SMS to reduce user anxiety

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dtac Raised measures to prevent SMS spam and prepare to release knowledge series. that will make them aware of disturbing SMS messages and build skills to deal with risks Help users to relieve their worries from the problem of fraudulent messages. incoming mobile phone Accepting cooperation from the NBTC as a regulator for telecommunication service contracts help check management Do not let SMS messages and phone calls interfere in this manner.

In this regard, dtac has strict procedures and procedures for screening SMS senders since the start of the service application. If you receive a complaint or find that The messages are deceptive and may lead to property damage or misleading. dtac will shut down the instant messaging service. Such content features include:

  • fraudulent message By disguising yourself as someone else in order to be believed by the recipient or phishing, for example sending SMS messages that are illegal in finance, giving loans, you are rewarded with money, etc.
  • Messages promoting inappropriate and/or obscene content services.
  • online gambling invitation message or gambling in various forms
  • Risky, deceptive messages that invite users to trust and lose their assets.

However, dealing with Fraud/Spam SMS content requires cooperation from policymakers including the NBTC, all mobile operators. that connects to send and receive messages across networks and cross-industry service providers Whether it’s the finance and banking industry and other related industries to audit, on an integrated coherent standard. Collecting and exchanging information about wrongdoings This leads to a common blocking measure against senders and unsolicited messages. The privacy of the user is also protected.

In addition to upgrading the measures to deal with spam and SMS fraud as mentioned above, dtac Safe Internet, which is a project aimed at enhancing skills in dealing with risks in the online world. It will continually educate people about online threats that come in various forms.


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