【Cough and Phlegm Relief】Orange Stew sea salt

After the orange is stewed with salt, the orange peel, fruit network and juice can reduce phlegm, regulate qi and moisten the lungs, and can be used to treat “dry cough”. A dry cough can be divided into a warm-dry cough and a cold-dry cough The first is usually a cough during the day, with no or less sputum and a yellowish color, red tongue, yellowish fur, yellow urine and dry stool, and dry skin. A dry cough at night is mainly a cold dry cough, or thin white sputum, white and dry tongue, dry mouth, throat and skin. The long-term cough after the new crown is usually a dry cough.

Production time: more than 1 hour
Number of portions: 1-2 people

Orange 1pc/pc
Sea salt 1 tablespoon / tablespoon


Cut off the top of the orange.

Cut some slit on the flesh.

Add salt on top and inside the cracks.

Cover the orange and cover the orange and wrap it with cooking paper.
5 :

Place it in an orange cup, stew over a hot water bath for 1 hour Place inside a stew pot Stew over a hot water bath for 1 hour.

finish Serve hot. Done.

– Recipe source: https://cook1cook.com/recipe/53730
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