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【Hundred Years of Struggle and Set Sail on a New Journey·Learning the Party’s History, Understanding and Thinking, Doing Practical Things and Creating a New Game】

Guangming Daily reporter Niu Mengdi

Watching red movies, listening to red music, inheriting the red genes, and continuing the red blood… On the occasion of celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, the “Film Party Class” regards watching movies as a way of learning party history, through the history in movies The context and character stories let everyone feel the majestic power in the centuries-old party history; the “Music Party Lesson” uses a novel form of music to let people enter the mode of immersive learning… Whether it is a “movie party lesson” or a “music party lesson”, it is a success. Many cadres and the masses have benefited a lot from an effective and innovative way of learning and education of party history.

Watch the movie first, then listen to the lecture. This is a movie party class activity launched by the “Capital Star Art Theater Alliance”. In Beijing, the “Shouyilian·Film Party Lesson” has been held for three consecutive years. In October of last year, the event screened two films on the theme of “King Kong River” and “Shangganling” to resist U.S. aggression and aid Korea, and invited military history experts to give lectures to the audience. In October of this year, “Shouyilian·Film Party Class” added two new films “Changjin Lake” and “My Fathers” with both “National Day File” box office gains on the basis of this year’s film list. A number of outstanding lecturers such as Cao Nan, an expert in party history, taught thematic party lessons for the two films, and deepened the audience’s understanding of the film through the form of “Party Lesson + Movie Watching”, so that party members and the masses could understand the theoretical content and policy spirit of party history. The connotation has a more vivid and three-dimensional understanding and understanding.

Cinema planning activities, so that the audience can experience the greatness of heroes in all aspects while watching movies, is another form of “movie party lesson”. On June 18th, the movie “Island Guardian” was released nationwide. Happy Blue Ocean Cinemas planned a “Salute to the Island Guardian” theme event, allowing every fan who came to watch the movie to write down on the ticket stub. “The experience of watching the film, and spelled out the words “island guard” on the background board of the studio’s activity, which means to be with the “island guard” and inherit the spirit of patriotism and dedication to guard the island.

Incorporating the content of the movie into the TV program, using the movie and the filmmaker to connect a party lesson, let the audience see another way for the movie to continue the red blood. Looking back at the image of Communist Party members he portrayed in the movie, the 47-year-old actor Li Xuejian said emotionally at the scene of “Today’s Film Critics · Movie Party Lessons”: “It is precisely because of wanting to be such a hero that I moved the idea of ​​joining the party. I am a hero in my heart!” In May of this year, the film channel “Film Critic Today” specially planned and launched a special program “Film Critic Today · Movie Party Lesson”. The program invites many party history research experts and well-known filmmakers to create a new mode of light and shadow telling, combining a hundred Chinese films that have become classics of various generations, and vividly telling these wonderful stories to promote the development of party building and the spirit of national prosperity and strength for the audience. .

The sonorous power of music has provided a steady stream of motivation for the cadres and the masses to study party history. In July this year, the National Centre for the Performing Arts carefully relaunched the newly produced classic national opera “Daughter of the Party”. According to Wang Shikui, Dean of the Chinese Academy of Vocal Music of the China Conservatory of Music, “The Daughter of the Party” is not only a party lesson for Communists. It is also an ideological and political course for contemporary college students and even the whole Chinese people.”

In May of this year, the concert “Me and My Motherland-String Quartet” of the Tianjin Symphony Orchestra’s Music Party Class Series entered into the Taihu Theater of the National Centre for the Performing Arts, leading the audience in Beijing to relive the red classics. The performance featured a selection of red classic songs from various periods since the founding of the Communist Party of China, vividly showing the party’s struggle and great achievements, and the art showed the party’s glorious tradition and fine style, inspiring and guiding the majority of party members and cadres to better learn the party’s history, Carry forward the traditions of the party, start a new journey, and create a new cause. The audience responded enthusiastically at the concert, and everyone said: “When we can’t describe our deep love for the motherland in words, music is our best way to express it. It’s really impressive to hear such a moving concert. The heart is surging and excited.”

Both “movie party class” and “music party class” are actively exploring new ways of party member education in the new era. They all aim to integrate film, music art and party class organically through rich red classic films and music works to interpret the party. The nature and purpose of the party, reproduce the party’s struggle history, praise the party’s brilliant achievements, let party members feel the party history, understand the party history, understand the party history in the video, music and singing, and use artistic methods to inspire party members not to forget their original intentions and remember their mission. .

“Guangming Daily” (Edition 04, October 20, 2021)



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