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【News Highlights】Fujian Epidemic Still Severely Spreads Xu Jiayin Enters Beijing | Xi Jinping | Evergrande Stocks and Bonds

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[Epoch Times September 16, 2021]Hello everyone, and welcome everyone to pay attention to “News Highlights”. I am Li Muyang. Today is September 15 (Wednesday) Eastern Time, and September 16 (Thursday) Asia Time.

Today’s focus: the epidemic spreads 2 kindergarten 4 schools, 30 patients are under 10 years old; Zhangzhou has an early outbreak of the epidemic, and the man who throws the pot will recover? Xu Jiayin burst into Beijing, and Xi Jinping was embarrassed; Evergrande’s double killing of stocks and debts had unprecedented difficulties; Zhu Jun was temporarily acquitted, and Xianzi defeated the three elements; Zhao Wei appeared in real life, and netizens liked it.

60 seconds news

On the morning of the 13th, more than 200 veterans from all over the country went to the Beijing Military Commission’s Letters and Calls Office to protest against the clearance of fraud by the military affairs departments. A large number of policemen were at the scene to maintain stability, and 137 veterans were taken on a bus and sent to Jiujingzhuang. They have not been released so far.

At 12:34 and 39 on the 15th, North Korea launched two short-range ballistic missiles from the area of ​​Yangdeok County in South Heian Province into the eastern waters of the Korean Peninsula. The range is about 800 kilometers and the altitude is more than 60 kilometers. South Korea also successfully test-fired a submarine-launched ballistic missile that day. South Korean President Moon Jae-in congratulated the military on the improvement of missile combat effectiveness.

The “Politician” website reported on the 15th that a White House official and a U.S. Congress worker said that Biden will announce the establishment of a new work organization with the United Kingdom and Australia. The new organization will share advanced technology and integrate against the CCP on the basis of existing cooperation.

Reuters quoted sources on the 15th to disclose that British Prime Minister Johnson will reorganize his cabinet. It is possible to arrange for Elizabeth Truss to replace Lan Taowen as Minister of Foreign Affairs, and Nadim Zahavi to replace Williamson as Minister of Education.

As of 1 p.m. Eastern time on September 15th, the number of newly diagnosed CCP viruses (Wuhan virus, COVID-19) globally was 543,994, and the total number of confirmed cases reached 226,628,528; 9,345 deaths in a single day, cumulative The total number of deaths is 4.61614.

Let’s enter today’s topic. Today I will talk about four things, one is the epidemic in Fujian. The epidemic in Putian has infected 2 kindergartens and 4 schools. But some netizens broke the news that Zhangzhou, Fujian may have had an epidemic long ago, so they just waited for this opportunity to get rid of the pandemic.

Xu Jiayin suddenly went to Beijing by private jet today. He did not know whether he entered Beijing on his own initiative or was recruited. In either case, Xi Jinping’s headaches are coming.

The first case of #Me Too in China has come to an end. The plaintiff lost the case and Zhu Jun was temporarily exonerated. This kind of result did not exceed people’s expectations, because Xianzi could not win the lawsuit for three reasons.

Then came the situation of Xiaoyan Zhao Wei. Zhao Wei appeared as a real person yesterday and took a group photo with netizens.

Epidemic 2 Kindergarten 4 School Putian 30 Patients Under 10 Years Old

Let’s pay attention to the epidemic situation in Fujian first. The Fujian Provincial Health Commission announced today (15th) that a total of 50 new local confirmed cases in Mainland China yesterday were in Fujian Province. Among them, 33 cases were in Putian City, 12 cases were in Xiamen City, and 5 cases were in Quanzhou City. In addition, there was another case of asymptomatic infection in Xiamen.

The authorities informed that since September 10, a total of 152 local confirmed cases have been reported in the province. Among them, Putian City, which is believed to be the place where the epidemic broke out, has 91 cases, followed by Xiamen City with 45 cases, and Quanzhou City with 16 cases. Another 4,540 people are under medical observation.

Mainland media reported that as of midnight today, the epidemic in Putian has affected at least 2 kindergartens, 3 primary schools and 1 middle school. The two kindergartens are Nandaemun Kindergarten and Qimeng Kindergarten; the primary schools are Putou Primary School, Shantou Primary School and Qianpu Primary School, and the middle school is Fengjiang Middle School.

According to published data, in the 99 confirmed cases and 5 asymptomatic infection cases in Putian, the proportion of minors is quite high, exceeding 30 cases. There are 30 children under 10 years old, and the youngest is only 4 years old.

Because of nucleic acid testing, many of these children left their parents for the first time and were isolated in the hospital alone. All inspections are done independently in protective clothing.

There is a video on the Internet of a 4-year-old child wearing protective clothing and undergoing a CT examination alone. Many people watched it, and they all said they didn’t feel good about it. Indeed, if there were no such epidemics, these little children should be by their parents’ side, enjoying the care of their parents. But in the face of the CCP virus pandemic, the emotions between them and their parents have been split.

Zhangzhou has an epidemic long ago? A man throwing the pot to regain his Yang?

In the two consecutive days of the program, I questioned the situation reported by the Fujian authorities. I suspect that Lin Moujie, who was identified as “Patient 0” by the authorities, was probably dumped by the authorities. What the principal Zhu of Putian Putou Primary School said during the interview also indirectly confirmed that the authorities were concealing the epidemic.

Today (15th), a netizen in Fujian sent me two emails in a row, describing two situations in Zhangzhou, Fujian.

The first email indicated that there is a Zhangpu county in Zhangzhou, Fujian. On September 13, with the cooperation of the local police, “dozens of 120 ambulances were dispatched to carry people from the two villages one after another to Shima Town, Longhai City for isolation.” According to netizens, Longhai City is a county-level city of Zhangzhou City, which is under the jurisdiction of Zhangzhou and is close to Xiamen.

Netizens said that the villagers had taken a lot of small videos of people pulling people from the epidemic prevention department, “because they were too scared, they just shot from the windows of their homes, and there were voices, and they were only sent to relatives and friends as reminders.” And in order to protect the photographers, For the netizen’s own safety, the netizen did not provide me with the video. But netizens repeatedly emphasized three times that they are “responsible for this news.”

A netizen wrote in the email, “This is another method of the CCP’s local government to cover up the epidemic, pulling the suspected case to the border area near Xiamen for isolation. After the test is positive, it is logical to throw the pot to Xiamen, claiming that it is close or inferior. Close contact.”

Netizens pointed out that Xiamen is next to Zhangzhou, and that next to Xiamen is Quanzhou, and that next to Quanzhou is Putian. Netizens believe that “the epidemic has long been out of control, but the government has found a reasonable excuse to break the news.”

The netizen only sent a screenshot in another email, which was an epidemic report from the Longhai authorities, saying that it was a 23-year-old man, He Mou, who had recovered from Yang.

The notification stated that He entered Kunming from Myanmar on June 14 and was diagnosed with the virus. After 53 days of local treatment, he was quarantined for 33 days. The quarantine was lifted on September 8. On September 10th, he flew from Kunming to Xiamen by plane, and then took a ride back home.

Immediately, the Longhai Health Commission notified He Mou to go to the hospital for review. The results of the re-examination on September 11 were “weakly positive for the new coronavirus nucleic acid test,” and “confirmed that the result was positive.” He was sent to a designated hospital for isolation and treatment that night. It is also said that He has close contact with 8 people, close contact with 18 people and so on.

The time when He regained Yang was too “coincident” with the time when the epidemic broke out in Fujian. It was at the stage when the epidemic in Fujian was heating up that he was detected as “returning Yang”. Could this He’s “Fuyang” pave the way for the two villages mentioned by the netizens above to be taken away for centralized isolation?

We can continue to pay attention, and hope that local netizens who know the situation will continue to break the news to us. Next, let’s take a look at Evergrande, which is getting hotter and hotter in the past few days.

Xu Jiayin suddenly flies to Beijing?Evergrande suffered a double kill for every stock and debt

Today (15th), it is rumored that there is a plane flying rapidly to Beijing. Netizens broke the news that it was a private jet owned by Evergrande boss Xu Jiayin. No one knows what to do in Beijing. Xu Jiayin suddenly flew to Beijing. Did he go to Beijing on his own initiative, or was he conscripted into Beijing?

If you take the initiative to go to Beijing, you may be asking for help from Beijing’s high-level officials. If he was conscripted into Beijing, it may be that the Beijing authorities want to listen to Xu Jiayin’s introduction.

Yesterday (14th), Hengda-related stocks in the Hong Kong stock market almost plunged across the board. Among them, “China Evergrande” closed down 11.87%, “Hengda Auto” closed down 24.66%, and “Hengda Property” closed down 12.01%. In the past year, Evergrande’s stock has fallen by 80%.

Evergrande’s overseas-traded bonds have also plummeted. The New York Times pointed out that some US$1 bonds held by some global investors are now worth only 25 cents. The numbers speak for themselves. These numbers prove that the stocks and bonds of the Evergrande series have undergone “equity and debt double kills.”

Yesterday (14th), Evergrande submitted an announcement to the Hong Kong stock market, confirming that sales continued to decline from June to August, and it is expected that September’s performance will continue to fall sharply.

According to Evergrande’s half-year financial report, sales in June, July, and August have plummeted all the way. In June, it was 76.31 billion yuan, but in July, it dropped by nearly 33 billion yuan to only 43.78 billion yuan. By August, it had fallen by another 5.7 billion to only 38.08 billion.

What’s more noteworthy is that the announcement pointed out that in order to alleviate the cash flow problem, Evergrande has adopted “various measures that have failed to achieve results.”

The Evergrande announcement stated that Evergrande tried to sell its assets, but failed to find new investors, preparing to sell the “China Evergrande Center” building in Hong Kong, nor did it find a buyer.

In addition, because its “two subsidiaries failed to fulfill their guarantee obligations for the issuance of wealth management products on schedule”, the amount involved was as high as 934 million yuan. Evergrande admitted that it “cannot guarantee the continued performance of the relevant financing and other financial obligations under the contract.”

Evergrande pointed out that if the company fails to fulfill the obligations of guarantees or other due debts, and fails to reach an extension of repayment with investors or creditors, or other alternatives, it may lead to cross defaults under the existing financing arrangements and may lead to Relevant creditors demanded that the debt expedite maturity.

The accumulation of multiple factors will have a significant adverse impact on Evergrande’s overall business, prospects, financial conditions and operating results. Two financial consulting companies have been hired to “discuss all feasible solutions.”

The “all feasible solutions” and “bankruptcy reorganization” referred to in the Evergrande announcement should be an option considered by Evergrande.

Can you save Evergrande?Xi Jinping is in a dilemma

Today (15th), the National Bureau of Statistics of the Communist Party of China stated that it has noticed some news about the bankruptcy of Evergrande on the Internet. Spokesperson Fu Linghui said that overall, some large real estate companies have encountered some difficulties in the production and operation process, but the impact on the development of the entire industry still needs to be observed.

The CCP official did not give a clear statement, only that it still needs to be observed. Let’s go back to the aforementioned incident of Xu Jiayin flying to Beijing quickly. The purpose of his visit to Beijing is unknown to the outside world. But anyone who understands the political system of the CCP knows that the destiny of Evergrande is actually in the hands of the Beijing authorities.

As we all know, the CCP government has very strict control over the financial system, controlling China’s largest banks and financial institutions, and strictly restricting the cross-border flow of funds. If the Beijing authorities are willing to rescue Evergrande, at least for a period of time, the debt can be temporarily delayed. This is a precedent in China.

Three years ago, the CCP detained Wu Xiaohui, chairman of Anbang Group, and later sentenced him to jail for fraud. The authorities then took over Anbang, including huge overseas properties such as the Waldorf Astoria in Manhattan.

Last year, local government officials stationed in the HNA Group to guide HNA in its bankruptcy and reorganization. Before going bankrupt, this transportation and logistics company was carrying huge debts due to expensive overseas acquisitions.

From these two cases, it can be seen that there is a possibility if the CCP authorities “understand” Evergrande. The key is to see whether the Beijing authorities have this willingness and whether they want to save it. This is the dilemma faced by the Xi Jinping administration.

The New York Times pointed out that in order to curb the unsustainable debt problem this year, the Beijing authorities have shown greater willingness to let companies fail. The Chinese Communist government is likely to say “no” to the rescue of Evergrande.

Because saving Evergrande is easy to make enterprises desperate, I believe they will be rescued by the government. And this is tantamount to acquiescing to this kind of wanton borrowing that once put Anbang and HNA into trouble. From this point of view, the Xi Jinping authorities are likely to say “no.”

James History, a bad debt analyst at the credit analysis agency “Restructuring”, told Reuters, “The government has been working tirelessly to promote deleveraging in the bloated real estate industry, so it is now unlikely to throw a life-saving straw to Evergrande.”

Nomura Securities analyst Iris Chen also believes that “I don’t believe that the (CCP) government has the motivation to save Evergrande (this private enterprise)”, and the debt restructuring of Evergrande is “almost inevitable.” However, the authorities may hope that Evergrande will “orderly close down.”

However, this will bring about a problem. Evergrande may become the first domino in the collapse of a real estate company. Because many developers in China are burdened with serious debts and are facing bankruptcy.

But if Beijing fails to save it, the subsequent impact will be even more immeasurable. The “New Times” article stated that if a large company like Evergrande is allowed to fail, it will not only provoke a series of reactions in the entire financial system, it will also affect millions of investors. The people who bought the house received no compensation. This kind of pain may deepen the tear between the government and the people, which is not conducive to the rule of the CCP.

Chen Zhiwu, a professor of finance at the University of Hong Kong, pointed out that the bankruptcy of Evergrande “is not good news for the financial system or the entire economy.” This may lead to a credit crunch in the entire economy, and financial institutions will be less willing to take risks.

The financial giant Soros’s argument is even more serious, and Evergrande’s default may lead to the collapse of China’s economy.

But if it comes to the rescue, Beijing may also face another problem. It will make other real estate developers believe that no matter what, there will be government support in the end. In other words, if it rescues Evergrande, then Evergrande may become the target of other real estate developers to follow suit. Therefore, whether to save or not to save, it is uncomfortable for Xi Jinping.

Difficulties are “unprecedented”, the leaders of Evergrande leave first

A few days ago, there was a news circulating on the Internet that Evergrande Group will declare bankruptcy on the 20th. The news is like a nuclear bomb, and the shock wave has been fermenting. Whether this news is true or not, everyone is thinking about it.

Recently, not only the Shenzhen headquarters, but also people in various provinces of China have appeared protesting Evergrande. Anxious people blocked the top leaders of Evergrande companies everywhere, including Du Liang, the head of Evergrande’s financial management.

On September 12, Du Liang, Executive Director and General Manager of Evergrande Wealth, admitted that he himself had redeemed Evergrande Wealth’s wealth management products on May 31. Du Liang claimed that “the advance payment was due to an emergency at home.” Is there really something urgent at Du Liang’s house? People don’t buy it. People believe that this is a new version of “Let the leaders go first.”

In addition, Xu Jiayin has ceased to serve as chairman of Evergrande Real Estate since last month. These phenomena make people believe that before the arrival of the dangerous attack, Evergrande’s executives had already escaped in advance.

So excited people asked “Hengda to pay back the money” and “Xu Jiayin pays back the money.” The masses in Zhoukou, Henan also found Xu Jiayin’s ancestral grave and expressed their intention to dig the grave to vent their anger.

On the 13th, Evergrande issued a statement in response to the rumors of “bankruptcy and reorganization.” The statement is relatively brief, claiming that the remarks about Evergrande’s bankruptcy and reorganization are “completely untrue,” and that it is necessary to do everything possible to protect the rights and interests of customers.

Obviously Evergrande is “refuting rumors,” trying to calm people’s hearts. But in fact, there is also a sentence in this anti-rumor statement, which inevitably makes people think about it. The statement said that “the company has indeed encountered unprecedented difficulties.”

I mentioned it once in a previous show. Evergrande’s financial report for the first half of the year announced at the end of August showed that Evergrande’s total liabilities have reached RMB 19665 billion.

The four words “unprecedented” should refresh the hearts of many Evergrande customers. This probably means that Evergrande is already nine dead. It is very difficult for investors to get back their hard-earned money.

Among the investors, the victims of Evergrande’s financial management, there are also suppliers who are in arrears, and house slaves who have failed to buy houses, and of course there are many Evergrande’s own employees.

An Evergrande employee disclosed anonymously that at the time Evergrande gave employees a hard task, they must purchase their own financial products. The company’s top management started at 3 million, and ordinary employees ranged from 100,000 to 500,000, “otherwise they will be fired.”

For those employees with family difficulties, Evergrande specially invited banks to the company to make loans and buy wealth management products on the spot. In order to keep their jobs, many people have to pay their pockets obediently. Now that the danger is coming, the leader will go first, and ordinary employees may not even be able to pay the principal.

A netizen said on Weibo, “I sincerely hope that the compatriots who buy a house will not have any problems, and I hope that the workers will get it at the end of the year.” Another friend said, “My parents used their life savings to buy Evergrande’s off-plan housing. Will there be any rescue after the house is delivered in 2023? Now I feel very anxious every day.”

Let us remember one sentence: In China ruled by the CCP, the ultimate victims will always be ordinary people. No matter how fat the leek grows, it can’t stop the sharp sickle.

Zhu Jun is temporarily acquitted of sexual harassment, plaintiff will appeal

There is also a matter of very high concern. China’s first #Me Too case announced the verdict yesterday (14th) night. The Beijing Haidian Court stated that the plaintiff Zhou Xiaoxuan (penname Xianzi) accused “CCTV No. 1 Brother” Zhu Jun of sexual harassment. Insufficient evidence”, dismissed the litigation request.

Many media reported on this verdict today (15th). This verdict was very unfavorable to Xianzi, and it also meant that Zhu Jun was temporarily exonerated. However, Xianzi said in a statement that the court did not allow the retrieval of a number of key evidences she applied for, so she would appeal.

According to Xianzi’s statement, the evidence she applied to retrieve included surveillance videos of the corridor at the time of the incident, transcripts made by the police to her parents after calling the police in 2014, and an application for re-identification of the dress DNA of that year.

Xianzi said he was 28 years old and was only 21 when the crime occurred. She posted on the Internet in 2018 that during her internship at CCTV in 2014, she had been “obscenely” in the dressing room by Zhu Jun. Asked Zhu Jun to apologize publicly and compensate RMB 50,000.

After Xianzi made public his own experience, dozens of women appeared in China, and they also publicly told about their past experience of being harassed or violated. Therefore, the outside world compares Xianzi to the spokesperson of China’s #Me Too movement.

During the closed court hearing last night, many people outside the court went outside to support Xianzi. After stepping out of the court, Xianzi looked a little excited. She told her supporters that she was facing “disappointment and exhaustion” in this legal struggle that has attracted national attention.

Xianzi said with tears in her eyes, “I don’t think I can do anything anymore. I think there is no way to replicate in my life for the past three years. I can’t do that for another three years.”

Xianzi said, “If you can accept any result, all you want is basic procedural justice.” She said, “Whether you win or lose, I am very grateful to everyone.”

Three factors the CCP will not let Xianzi win

In fact, Xianzi accused Zhu Jun of sexual harassment in this case, and such a verdict is not surprising. When I say this, I am not saying that Xianzi is a false accusation. I think very few women use this kind of thing to make false accusations, especially Chinese women.

In other words, I think Xianzi may have been hurt. From her persistent appeal, it can be seen that she is more likely to be hurt. But why is it not surprising that the verdict has appeared?

After the court sentence was pronounced yesterday (14th), Xianzi was interviewed by the media. During the interview, unidentified men and women approached and tried to push her away. A woman yelled loudly to prevent Xianzi from speaking on the grounds of epidemic prevention safety. And one man questioned whether Xianzi’s solo speech was appropriate.

Prior to this, the court had obvious partiality. The second hearing of this case was actually originally scheduled for May 21 this year. However, on May 20, Xianzi issued a document stating that the court refused to change the subject of the case to a “sexual harassment damage liability dispute” and refused to obtain key evidence. Subsequently, the court temporarily cancelled the trial on the 21st.

The treatment of Xianzi yesterday and previous changes have revealed some signs that the court may have a certain orientation. In other words, the CCP will not let Xianzi win the lawsuit. There are three reasons for this.

First of all, Zhu Jun is the host of CCTV and he is known as “the first brother of CCTV.” CCTV is the CCP’s external window, and its host is regarded as a facade image by the CCP. For this reason, CCTV is likely to support Zhu Jun and preserve Zhu Jun’s “positive image.” In other words, it is the CCP who wants to maintain its own “greatness and integrity.”

Of course, this also shows that in the eyes of the CCP, Zhu Jun may still have use value. If there is no use value, the CCP may also throw him off like a broken shoe.

Secondly, after Xianzi accused Zhu Jun of sexual harassment, under her influence, many Chinese women have broken through psychological barriers and bravely stood up to tell their stories. This is a phenomenon that the CCP is terrified of.

In people’s impression, sexual harassment and sexual assault are quite common in mainland China. In fact, this is also true, especially among CCP officials, it is almost normal. However, women who were hurt often did not dare to speak up, and chose to endure silently and swallow their anger.

People are worried that publicly exposing this kind of thing may cause people to turn their eyes. But Xianzi broke through the resistance and stood up bravely. It also inspired some women and began to expose everything they suffered.

Even in 2018, there was a wave of opposition to #Me Too, and they revealed that they had been sexually harassed or even sexually assaulted by teachers, supervisors and others.

If Xianzi wins the lawsuit at this time, it is equivalent to a psychological suggestion to women who have been sexually harassed and sexually assaulted, and may prompt more women to come forward. So from this point of view, the CCP does not allow Xianzi to win the lawsuit.

Third, if the law finds that the accusation of sexual harassment by Zhu Jun is established and the verdict wins, then Zhu Jun’s image will be damaged. The authorities may deal with Zhu Jun, or at least pretend to let him leave the position of CCTV host.

Zhu Jun has a great influence in society. If he leaves the position of host or leaves CCTV, what about other CCP officials accused of sexual harassment and sexual assault? Should it also be processed?

If everything is dealt with, people will see that the CCP was originally a rogue party and its officials are all rogues. This is in contradiction with the self-boasting “Great Guangzheng” of the CCP. Therefore, for the party’s image and interests, the CCP will not allow Xianzi to win the lawsuit.

Zhao Wei showed up in person and netizens are still enthusiastic

Finally, let’s pay attention to the news of Zhao Wei. Zhao Wei herself appeared yesterday (14th). Some netizens posted photos on Weibo, showing that Zhao Wei returned to her hometown in Wuhu, Anhui.

A photo posted by a netizen on Weibo last night showed that Zhao Wei was wearing a purple half sleeve and paired with green half-length pants. He wears a knitted hat with long hair scattered on his head. Zhao Wei in the photo has no makeup, but she seems to be in good spirits.

At that time, Zhao Wei was handling business in a mobile business hall in Wuhu. Facing the enthusiasm of passers-by friends and staff, Zhao Wei was also very cooperative. Standing among them, she deliberately took off her mask and took a group photo with other people in the business hall. Behind her is a man wearing a security uniform, possibly a staff member of this company.

This appearance is the first time since the CCP cracked down on “bad artists” and was completely removed from the shelves of film and television works. However, judging from the photos, although she was banned by the authorities, Zhao Wei’s popularity still seems to be strong.

A netizen wrote on Weibo, “Today’s fresh Zhao Wei. Zhao Wei is still loved by everyone.” There are many posts below. Some netizens said, “In my hometown, everyone still likes and supports”, and some netizens said ” The eternal little swallow in the hearts of ordinary people.” Some netizens said, “It’s good to see that everything is fine with her.”

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