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The weather continues to be hot, and a portable fan is not enough to cool down at all. If you are a friend who often goes out to work or needs a suit to meet guests, this new product launched this year SONY REON POCKET 3 portable heating and cooling air conditioner can definitely bring you an unprecedented cool feeling. As long as it is turned on and close to the neck, the system will bring a strong cold feeling through the steel plate on the body, cooling your body quickly. .

SONY REON POCKET 3 has newly added a new motion sensor and temperature sensor, which can intelligently adjust the air-conditioning level through the ambient temperature and the user’s actions, such as static state or walking, exercising state. When the human body is still, the body will output Low air-conditioning performance, and when walking or in a hot outdoor environment, the air-conditioning will be automatically increased, and an automatic switch function has been added, except that it will stop working after lowering it for 15 seconds to achieve power saving.

Current online store Aiyo0o.com The launch may be the flattest price of $1168 in Hong Kong. Although it is a parallel import from Japan, it also has a 6-month warranty.

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Source:[SONY REON POCKET 3]Japanese-made portable heating and cooling air conditioner comes with 2nd generation neck strap online store spot $1268

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