【TpGS 22】It’s really fun to participate in the Taipei International Game Show for the first time

Big Data Research and Operation Game Provider – Really Fun This year, it will integrate corporate resources, and will use its game development, game operation and localized marketing and advertising services to participate in the “2022 Taipei International Game Show” business district (B2B) for the first time. Online exhibition, and During the exhibition, the latest masterpiece “Devouring the World 3” by the R&D team of its “Infinite Productions” was announced for the first time. It’s fun to say that this year’s first exhibition will horizontally integrate corporate resources, and develop more cross-border cooperation opportunities through well-known IP and self-created IP, in order to continue to expand the scale of game operations.

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True Fun’s business group includes game development, game publishing and operation, and all-round marketing and advertising business. Over the years, through the “big data mobile game operation” model, which is the first in the entrepreneurial world, it has repeatedly achieved outstanding results and has been recognized by markets in various regions of the world. Last year, it was successful in actively adjusting its operating strategy. The accumulated revenue reached 1.452 billion yuan, an annual increase of 51.17%. This year, it will officially enter a new stage of “big data research and operation integrated game business”, integrating its resources and actively participating in the “2022 Taipei Game Maker”. “International Game Show” online business exhibition will contact more than 200 game-related companies at home and abroad through the business matching platform. It is hoped that through the successful operation experience, the latest self-developed new IP “Devouring the World 3” IP brand new mobile game, self-created IP And rich marketing experience, etc., to create more diversified global cooperation opportunities.

Chairman Zhou Xuankun said that due to the impact of the epidemic, overseas business exchanges have mostly turned to online exhibitions. In order to continue to expand overseas markets, True Fun will expand the global layout through this year’s Taipei International Game Show online business exhibition, and will also Actively promote the integration and development of research, transportation and sales resources. At present, it owns a number of well-known IPs at home and abroad, such as the best-selling IP of “Devouring the World 3 Online”, “Mi Braised Egg”, “The Lost Front”, etc., and has developed a number of games through these IPs Product development and NFT development. It is expected that this year, the first self-developed game masterpiece – “Devouring the World 3” IP brand new mobile game will be launched. It adopts a multi-regional and multi-language operation strategy to seize the global Chinese game market. In the first quarter of this year, the traditional Chinese version and the simplified Chinese version will be launched simultaneously in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Malaysia and other regions. In the second half of the year, we will attack the game market in Japan and South Korea, and actively expand the IP of the self-developed game “Devouring the World 3”. The global game market scale of new mobile games has created a new peak of really fun operation.

And really fun’s “Infinite Productions” research and development team’s latest self-developed new work – “Devouring the World 3” IP brand new mobile game is a new mobile game adapted from the most famous “Devouring the World 3 online” authorized by NetDragon. The big data analysis profit model, imitating the characteristics of many best-selling games in the market, creates game works with unique market characteristics. Inheriting the classic features of the online game “Devouring the World 3 Online”, with the cute Q version of the Three Kingdoms generals and easy and funny stories, players can experience the legendary battle of historical famous generals. In addition, the Chinese fantasy folklore is specially added to add more charming colors to the game. In addition, the 3D engine is used in the game to delineate the delicate and exquisite game screen, which will bring players a stunning new shock no matter in terms of characters, game scenes or rich game content! The game team will reshape this classic game that players are looking forward to with a new look, showing the fruitful results of independent research and development of really fun.