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Although LG’s mobile phone business suffered losses one after another and finally needed to withdraw from the market, they have always had the courage to develop new technologies and have tried to find breakthroughs in mobile phone design, which is rarely seen in current mobile phone brands. Yesterday, a South Korean YouTube channel found the LG Rollable, a very rare scrolling phone that could not be listed.

It’s a pity that the new technology was stillborn

It can be seen from the film that LG Rollable has a lot of thought even in the packaging box, and also adopts a scroll-like design. At first glance, the LG Rollable is no different from a normal long and narrow phone, with a dual lens camera (main camera 64MP OIS + 12MP wide angle) mounted vertically on the back of the phone. POLED flexible scrolling screen can be changed from 6.8 inches to 7.4 inches The system has added corresponding gesture control, and the screen will open or retract automatically. It can be seen that the motor used to push the scroll screen is quite strong, and it can even push three thick books away. Although there is a small crease visible on the scrolling screen, it is not too noticeable and has no effect on use.

Heavier than Z Fold4

In terms of specifications, the LG Rollable has a Snapdragon 888 processor, 12GB RAM and 256GB storage, a 2.8MP selfie camera, a built-in 4,500mAh battery but no wireless charging, but the body weighs 285g, compared to the Galaxy Z Fold4 and iPhone 14 Pro New are 263g and 240g respectively. The film also sees a specially designed LG mobile phone case for Rollable From the whole package, it seems that it is ready to go on sale It’s a shame that it was stillborn due to its removal’ back from the market.

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