尹, approval rate down 6%pi ‘39%’… Democracy 46% > National Strength 36%

President Yoon Seok-yeol. random news
The result of a survey came out on the 4th that President Yoon Seok-yeol’s approval rating for the state administration reversed to a decline, and fell 6.2 percentage points (p) since last week.

CBS No Cut News commissioned a polling company, R&Search, to conduct a three-day survey of 1020 men and women over the age of 18 across the country for three days from the 31st of last month to the 2nd. On the other hand, the negative evaluation was 58.2%, up 5%c from the 53.2% last week.

As for the supporting parties, the Democratic Party with 46.3%, Cyrm y Popl with 35.5%, the Justice Party with 1.8%, and the non-party group with 13.6%.

The gap between the two parties was 10.8%p, widening significantly since last week (1.7%p). The approval rating of the Democratic Party increased by 3%p, while the strength of the people decreased by 6.1%p. The gap tended to narrow gradually and was at its closest last week, but has widened the most since the first survey in May.

The reversal of President Yoon’s decline and the sluggish party approval rating of the people’s strength are interpreted to have been influenced by the false warning in the Seoul area immediately after North Korea’s space launch vehicle was launched on the 31st of last month . Research and Search analyzed, “This is due to a sharp drop among men in their 20s and 30s, residents of the Seoul metropolitan area, and moderate and conservative groups that have led the rise in the president’s approval rating.”

Looking at the groups that exceeded the decline in actual positive evaluation (6.2%p), the decline in approval ratings was led by people in their 20s (-10.6%p), Seoul (-7.2%p), and conservatives ( -10.7%) %p).

On the other hand, in the item ‘evaluation of the activity of the Fukushima inspection team’, the opinion of ‘failure’ recorded the majority, namely 56.3%. Only 23.5% had a ‘good job’. 72.6% of supporters of the state’s administration thought it was positive, while 85.4% of those who evaluated the state’s administration negatively rated it as ‘not good’.

This survey was conducted through a 100% wireless RDD automatic response method using a structured questionnaire with a sample drawn according to proportional allocation according to the population composition ratio by sex, age group, and region. The response rate is 2.1%, and the sampling error is ±3.1%p at the 95% confidence level. For more information, see the National Election Survey Discussion Commission website.