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檢, Seongnam City Hall additionally seized and searched… Securing Employee Email (Comprehensive)

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檢, Seongnam City Hall additionally seized and searched… Securing Employee Email (Comprehensive)

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[아시아경제 배경환 기자]The prosecution, which is investigating the case of Daejang-dong development lobby and preferential treatment, has launched an additional search and seizure against Seongnam City Hall.

On the 18th, the investigative team in charge of the Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office sent investigators to Seongnam City at 9:30 a.m. on the same day to secure the e-mail details of employees from the Information and Communication Division.

The objects of the search and seizure on this day include email records of those who could not be secured at the time of the first round. Through this, it seems that the work report line, etc. will be checked. The investigative team plans to analyze the data obtained from the first and second seizures and search, and at the same time call public officials involved in licensing and investigation in turn.

Seongnam City is an institution with various licenses and licenses for the Daejang-dong project. Official documents directly approved by Seongnam Mayor Lee Jae-myung at the time, such as the ‘Report on the investment approval review for corporations following the promotion of the Daejang-dong development project’ prepared by the Seongnam City Administrative Planning Bureau in January 2015 remain. According to the articles of incorporation of Seongnam Urban Development Corporation, which led the Daejang-dong development project, matters related to the acquisition and disposal of important properties must be reported to the mayor. Seongnam Urban Development Corporation is an institution created with 100% investment by Seongnam City.

Earlier, on the 15th, the investigation team executed a search and seizure warrant against the departments related to the Daejang-dong development project, such as the Seongnam City Urban Housing Bureau, the Education, Culture and Sports Bureau, the Culture City Project Group, and the Information and Communication Division. At that time, the investigative team began to secure data centering on the documents for permission to develop Daejang-dong.

In particular, the investigation team provided data related to the development project at the time to the Urban Housing Bureau, which is in charge of building licenses and permits, such as urban planning and public housing, and permission-related information through the Urban Balanced Development Division within the Culture and Urban Project Group, which is in charge of city-wide urban development projects. It is said that the data have been obtained. It is known that the Culture and Arts Department of the Ministry of Education, Culture, and Sports was included in the search and seizure target because it was reported that there were materials that had been discussed about the excavation of cultural assets in the Daejang-dong project site at the time.

By Bae Baek-hwan, staff reporter [email protected]


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