[武器編] “Apex Legends” Developer Q&A “Ask me anything” Summary: Will Mozan get stronger? / Heinous Phantom Weapon / Amo Balance This Season / Consequences of Wingman Changes, etc.

“Apex Legends” by Respawn Entertainment is holding a “Predator Gathering Event” for a limited time.

The Apex community on Reddit held an AMA (Ask Me Anything) event where developers seemed to answer questions from players and hear all kinds of interesting stories about weapons and Legends.

AMA With Developers Captured at Apex Sable

AMAs (Ask Me Anything) are classic Reddit events where celebrities and users interact. The other day, Respawn development staff appeared in the Apex community,armsWhena legendHe answered several questions on the subject.

  • Staff who appeared at the AMA
    • u/RV-Eric (Senior Game Designer): Weapon Questions Answered
    • u/RV-Devan (Lead Game Designer): Answering Legend Questions

This article is a collection of questions and answers about weapons.

(From now on, the players’ questions are only paraphrased for readability)

“Ask me anything” Weapons Edition

Won’t Mozambique and P2020 get stronger?

Mozan and P2020 are said to be “early stage tools” from the development side

a question: Do you have any plans for the so-called “packaging” of items such as Mozambique and P2020? I know each has its own uses, but no other weapon can match it.

Eric:Every game in Apex has a power curve, and both weapons represent the beginning of a power journey.. We’re always looking for meaningful ways to add interesting spice to our early game arsenal and maintain its impact late game, but we still have to be a natural progression.

Some, like Mozambique to Peacekeeper, power up specifically, while others, like Peacekeeper to EVA8, power up according to your choice. All of these provide clear criteria for players to choose what suits their style.

If every weapon is to your liking, the game lacks depth in each phase of combat. If everything powers in one path, the game has no agency.Apex is doing the best you can with the cards you’re dealtand sometimes the hand is in Mozambique and 2 stocks of sniper rifles.

Balance between light ammo and heavy ammo weapons

a question: Why did you make the Spitfire light ammo?With Rampage becoming a care pack weapon and Wingman becoming sniper ammo, I feel the balance between light and heavy ammo in the item pool has been compromised.

Eric: We don’t just look at the number of weapons in each type of ammo. We consider various factors, but one of the deciding factors this time isDepending on the type of ammo, effective weapon balance varies from the middle to the latter half of the fightThat’s it. Light ammo (weapons) are plentiful in the early stages of the fight, but are unreliable in the second half of the game, while the array of heavy ammo (weapons) is quite substantial in the second half of the game.

By making the Spitfire light ammo, these weapon variations are eliminated,Gives you more room to think about which weapons to put in craft and care packs. A perfect example would be if the R-301 was a craft and the Scout G7 was a care package. I felt underpowered in the light ammo late game and was leaning towards the heavy ammo meta.

The dead ‘crazy weapon’

Early thoughts Rampage was a crazy weapon

a question: What is the craziest weapon idea that almost ended up in the game?

Eric: Let me answer. Prototype gunPellets are basically ricocheting balls, and shooting them into a room creates chaos.. It was designed to be a sort of mopping tool, with pellets taking less damage each time it bounced, but in the end it felt unfair to take bullet damage from invisible enemies. The idea was eventually dropped, but play experimenting was pretty lame.

The earliest versions of Rampage could burn people and “cervical thermite” where they were shot. Tactically using thermite patches was pretty cool, but shooting on the ground where people are walking maximized panic and proved too much to control an area in many ways.

About the large number of bullets in the G7 expansion magazine

a question: Is there any particular reason why G7 Scouts have more extended magazine capacity than others?

Eric: Good question. I spoke about that just the other day at one of our balance meetings.

We like that the magazine capacity increases vary from gun to gun and are not linear. When one weapon scales more than the other due to attachments, there are subtle and interesting decisions to be made on the weapon.

I love making discoveries that make players think differently about ground items. The Scout G7 is a weapon that has a white magazine and a very large scale, compared to the R301, which only has two shots. With what I have now, if I want to get the most out of my White Maga, I know what weapon I will use until I get my Blue Maga.

This gives the weapon its personality, and we are always trying to reinforce it and push it further. The weapon line is unique, and it’s fun to see that players have strong opinions about each weapon in the list. It may seem like a no-brainer, but we don’t want to lose it by standardizing things like magazine size increments.

Hop-up development process

a question: What is your first thought when developing a new hop-up? Its function, what weapon it can be attached to, and how it differs from other hops.

Eric: It’s very different.I often start with weapons that I want to add flair or functionality to because they are relatively out of place and need support, or because they have been common since they haven’t changed in a long time.. But like the Mastiff and the 30-30 Dualshell,Sometimes we find a common mechanism and then push it forward.

The Kinetic Feeder was originally designed for the Bolt and TripleTake simply because they have the same type of ammo, but through play testing and alternative versions, the TripleTake Precision Choke has had the opportunity to create a fun mechanism that reduce choke time. in I really liked this way of playing, but since Bolt doesn’t do anything, I replaced it with Peacekeeper and set it up better.

Wingman, Sniper Ammo Result

About a change that became a hot topic in season 14. The results appear to be satisfactory.

a question: Turning Wingman into Sniper Ammo was a big meta shakeup. Were you happy with the results?

Eric: definitely. The Wingman was incredibly dangerous for an easy to handle weapon, but by turning it into Sniper Ammo, we keep that danger while slowing down the handling tempo.We are happy with Amo’s economy this season and our winger is in a healthy position. It was a medium risk/reward tool, but I wanted to keep the reward the same while increasing the risk.

Why don’t you try implementing “New Weapons Limited to Care Packages”?

a question: This might be off topic, but have you ever tried making new weapons that are unique to care packs instead of replacing existing ones as care pack weapons?

Recruiting: It is not at all out of the question.We’ve definitely been testing “Unique Weapons Care Pack”. But at the end of the day, implementing a new and fun weapon is a lot of work, and limiting it to just care packs felt uninteresting.

I’m not saying I’ll never make one, but when you evaluate how long it takes to develop, weapons that replace ground weapons are much more valuable.. Because they affect the meta in a more meaningful way as we continue to refine and balance the game.

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