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法, Jung In is sentenced to life imprisonment for murder of wool

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On the 14th, a first-trial sentence of adoptive parents accused of abuse and death of 16-month-old adopted child Jeong In-i was held at the high family Andersen Park Cemetery in Yangpyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-do. yunhap news

The court sentenced to life imprisonment for the wool that was handed over to the trial on charges of killing Jung In, a 16-month-old adopted child by habitual assault and abuse.

The 13th Division of the Seoul Southern District Law Criminal Agreement (Director Lee Sang-ju) sentenced a 35-year-old mother-in-law, who was charged with murder, to life imprisonment on the 14th. The court judged that Jang had an unexplained intention of murder, and convicted the murder charge.

The court judged that “Mr. Jang made the victim only the target of expressing his anger,” and “after taking physical and emotional abuse, he finally made the victim the target of murder.”

“It can be evaluated as an inhuman crime that tramples the dignity and value of human beings guaranteed to everyone,” he emphasized. “By separating Mr. Jang from the general society indefinitely, he must ask for the corresponding responsibility while making his faults thoroughly repentant.” did.

Anmo, 38, her adoptive father, who was handed over to trial with Jang, was sentenced to five years in prison.

The judge said, “As a adoptive father, I live with Mr. Jang and the victim, and even though he is in a position that makes it easier to understand Jang’s parenting attitude and the condition of the victim, he makes only unconvincing excuses, such as not knowing the fact of the abuse at all.” He pointed out that he did not take care of them closely, and only believed in Mr. Jang’s words and took no action.”

He also said, “Even though the nursery director explained the victim’s deteriorating health condition and strongly urged him to take him to the hospital, he refused even this appeal.” “Considering that even the last chance to save the victim was blocked, the severe punishment would be It is inevitable.”

Jang was arrested for killing his adopted daughter Jung In-i from June to October of last year through habitual assault and abuse. The prosecution initially applied charges of child abuse and lethality against Jang, but added murder charges.

The prosecution believes that Jang inflicted fatal injuries by stepping on the stomach of Jeong In-i, who had suffered abdominal damage, according to the opinions of a forensic scientist and an autopsy doctor. Accordingly, the prosecution decided that Jang had an unexplained intention of murder, and requested Jang to be executed, the highest sentence in the court.

Ahn, her adoptive wife, was accused of abusing Jeong In and aiding Jang’s assault. The prosecution sought 7 years and 6 months in prison, saying, “I knew Jang’s abusive behavior better than anyone, but did not take any measures to protect the victims while on the lookout.”

In his final statement, Mr. Jang admitted to the fact of the assault and abuse, but insisted that there was no intention of murder, saying, “There is no swear that I have ever hoped that the child will go wrong. Ahn appealed for a sanction, saying that he could not properly deal with his wife’s specific assault.

Meanwhile, a condemnation rally was held in front of the Seoul Southern District Court on that day, asking’Strict punishment for the Jang couple’.

Reporter Na Unchae [email protected]

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