男 Judo sign Ahn Chang-rim retires… “Living with the priority of family and happiness”

Ahn Chang-rim (third from left) of South Korea holds the bronze medal at the 73kg Judo Men’s Awards ceremony held at the Budokan in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan on the afternoon of July 26th. News 1
Ahn Chang-rim’s official SNS capture. © News1

Ahn Chang-rim (27, KH Group Phillux), who won a bronze medal in the men’s 73 kg class in judo at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, announced his retirement.

On the 5th, Ahn Chang-rim posted his retirement statement in English, Korean, and Japanese on his social networking service (SNS). Ahn Chang-rim said, “I will retire from the national team at the end of this year. Now, rather than improving my own athletic ability, I want to live my life putting my family, health, and happiness first.”

Ahn Chang-rim already announced his intention to retire to his team last week. Ahn Chang-rim is said to have expressed his desire to retire when he is at the top.

The team requested a reconsideration, but Ahn Chang-rim’s will was firm. Ahn Chang-rim begins a second life as a leader. He mentioned that he also intends to lead a career abroad. Chang-rim Ahn said, “The next goal is to nurture Olympic gold medalists as leaders. emphasized.

He added, “I will retire from the national team, but I will continue to become a person who has a good influence on the judo community around the world.”

Ahn Chang-rim, a third-generation Korean-Japanese, won the 2013 All-Japan University Championship while attending the University of Tsukuba, and was recognized for his skills in Japan. However, he did not remain in the Japanese judo world and moved to Korea in 2014 to wear the Taegeuk mark.

Ahn Chang-rim became an icon of fighting spirit, especially after the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

From the round of 32 to the quarter-finals, he fought a bloody battle with overtime, but in the end, he failed to win the gold medal. However, they worked hard in the bronze medal match, and as a result, they won by throwing up just before the end, demonstrating the power of Korean judo.

(Seoul = News 1)

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