與 “Democratic Party shouts ‘Han Dong-hoon’s impeachment and reinstatement of Min Hyung-bae’, shameless as escape from the universe”

▲ Constitutional Court sentenced to ruling on authority dispute for ‘complete audit’ Photo: Yonhap News

On the 25th, after the Constitutional Court’s decision on the so-called complete review (complete deprivation of the prosecution’s right to investigate) the law, the power of the people strongly criticized the impeachment voices of Justice Minister Dong-Hoon Han and the recovery. the independent Congressman Hyung-Bae Min in some parts of the Democratic Party.

In a commentary, a spokesman for the floor, Jang Dong-hyuk, said, “The shamelessness of the Democratic Party in interpreting the decision of the Constitutional Court as the ‘impeachment of Dong-Hun Han’ and the ‘party of Hyeong-Bae Min’ has become a shame in Korea. “

Spokesman Jang said, “In the Constitutional Court’s decision, (Representative Min’s) ‘difficult withdrawal’ admitted that the voting rights (members of the People’s Power on the Judiciary Committee)) have been seriously violated. “It is deserves to step down from his position as a member of parliament.”

“What is more speculative is talking about the impeachment of Minister Han,” he said. “The Constitutional Court ruled that it was the ‘Democratic Party’ that broke the National Assembly Act. Why is the Minister of Justice being impeached? It is a Democratic Party. Shameless, but isn’t it embarrassing?” I asked.

“Justice Lee Mi-haul’s logic is the same as saying, ‘A poisoned apple is fine, but it is fine for the people to eat it,'” he said.

Spokesman Jang Won-nae said, “At this rate, (Minister Han’s) impeachment may have to be listed as a ‘UNESCO Democratic Party World Cultural Heritage’.”

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