與, Lee Rae-kyung’s appreciation, all offensive… “Lee Jae-myeong apologize and Kwon Chil-seung resign”

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[서울=뉴스핌] Reporter Hong Seok-hee = On the 6th, the people’s power continued the offensive, saying, “CEO Lee Jae-myeong apologizes” for the resignation of the chairman of the Democratic Party innovation due to the suicide bombing of the Cheonan ship. previous day.

Kang Min-guk, the chief spokesman of People’s Power, said in a commentary that day, “No matter how urgent the Democratic Party’s innovation is, it should have been more careful than ever, but it has already hurt the people as a person of outside common sense.”

[서울=뉴스핌] Reporter Lee Hyeong-seok = 2022.09.27

Then he added, “Do you think it is enough to resign yourself to the situation as if nothing happened, as if it were a small incident?”

Chief spokesman Kang argued, “In the end, the person chosen to entrust the renewal of the Democratic Party, which was hidden by corruption and corruption that exploded one after another in the Money Envelope Convention, was a pro-Myeong conspiracy theorist . “

He criticized, “I cannot remove the suspicion that CEO Lee Jae-myung is to protect himself with the title of innovation chairman with a good appearance, not to mention reform.”

Chief Spokesman Kang said, “In addition, Chief Spokesman Kwon Chil-seung, who said he was handling the situation, did not slander the Cheonan, and even make permanent comments. I should have apologized, but I was busy making excuses.”

He said, “Only the Democratic Party knows that the reason why people are angry with the Democratic Party now is because of the shameless behavior that has not been properly apologized for or reflected upon even after make such a mistake every time.” he said, raising his voice.

In addition, he urged, “CEO Lee should apologize to the people and warriors of the Cheonan for the wrong personnel and the officers’ absurd comments, and clarify a clear position on the distorted perception of the Cheonan.”


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