與 “Suspicion of misuse of subsidies, Jeon Yeon-yeon, paying wages to disabled people and inciting protesters”

On the morning of the 7th, at the 3rd meeting of the Special Committee for the Promotion of People’s Civic Groups held at the National Assembly, Councilor Ha Tae-gyeong, the chairman, reveals the testimony of the officers of the Jeon Jeon- yeon group. /happy news

People’s Power announced on the 7th that it had secured evidence that ‘Jeon Jang-yeon gave money to disabled people and mobilized them for traffic block protests’. In the process, the power of the people added that there was also a threat to the effect that disabled people who did not take part in the demonstration would be excluded from various aid targets.

The People’s Power Special Committee for the Promotion of Civil Organizations (Special Committee) held a briefing session at the National Assembly on the 7th, and released some of the interviews with officers Jeon Jeon-yeon by Representative Lee Jong-seong, a member of the Assembly National for the proportional representation of the disabled.

Ha Tae-gyeong, chairman of the Special Committee, said in a briefing, “We are telling you about something related to Jang-Yeon Jeon that we were able to secure information with difficulty.” he said

Chairman Ha Tae-kyung said, “A (disabled person), who was related to Jeon Jang-yeon, said in an interview on March 28, ‘A radical type of job is difficult for the disabled. Disabled people hate it too. He said it was wrong to reduce the labor of jobs to a sit-in subway occupation.” “Another Mr B (disabled) said in an interview on March 27th, ‘I take part in protests to make money. I participate because I get paid. I was threatened with being costed if I didn’t participate,’” he said.

Chairman Ha Tae-kyung said, “The third person is not part of the Jeon Ji-yeon, but when this person interviewed those who were related to the Jeon Ji-yeon, they said, ‘ Even if you don’t intend to, you are participating to receive a salary. I am forced to participate because I can get money. People with disabilities are also victims. They criticized me for giving me money if I participated in the Taegeukgi rally, but they said, ‘What’s different about this?'”

“It is certain that the salary is paid conditionally, and taking part in the subway protest was calculated as working hours and I tried to confirm whether the money was given, but it was difficult to interview,” he said. be revealed through investigation. I published it because I judged that the threat of not giving me a salary or a job if I did not participate in the protests was in itself an issue of ethical bankruptcy for Jeon Yeon-yeon.”

Chairman Ha Tae-kyung said, “There is a disabled person’s organization that informed us about this and cooperated with our committee, and I received a call saying that we will file a complaint against (Jeon Jang-yeon) directly. The contents of the charge will also be released tomorrow.”

In a phone call with, Lee Jong-seong, a member of the Assembly Office, who interviewed Jeon Yeon-yeon’s former officials directly, said, “Mr. explained.

In response to the question, ‘Can both of them reveal their position directly to the media?

According to Chairman Ha Tae-gyeong, organizations belonging to Jeon Jeon received 47.6 billion won in subsidies from 18 projects for three years between 2020 and 2022 in Seoul alone.

Chairman Ha Tae-kyung said, “The national scale is much larger,” and “and these organizations use these subsidies as bait to get people with severe disabilities to participate in various illegal gatherings and demonstrations in Jeonjeon-yeon. If you fear public criticism, you should no longer mobilize severely disabled people for illegal assemblies and demonstrations.”

Meanwhile, on the 29th of last month, the people’s power formed the ‘Special Committee for the Promotion of Civic Groups’ to respond to various irregularities and corruption controversies of civic groups. The special committee said it had decided to eliminate accounting irregularities, the spread of ghost stories, and the incitement of violence as ‘the three major nuisances of civil society’ for the purposes of its activities.


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