與, the conclusion of this week’s easing of the property tax and transfer tax… ‘Top 2% in estate tax’ seems difficult

Democratic Party leader Song Young-gil speaks at a meeting of the Supreme Council held at the National Assembly in Yeouido, Seoul on the 4th. 2021.6.4/News 1 © News1 Reporter Lee Dong-hae

The Democratic Party of Korea (DPJ), which is about to launch the presidential election planning team, is going to sort out real estate issues. During this week, the party plans to collect opinions within the party on the general real estate tax and transfer income tax reform plan, and follow up on the results of a complete real estate transaction investigation on party members and lineal ascendants.

According to the Democratic Party on the 7th, the party leadership will hold a general policy meeting on the 10th after a public hearing on real estate tax this week to collect opinions on the improvement plan.

Previously, the Democratic Party of Korea agreed to push ahead with a plan to expand the scope of property tax reductions and exemptions for single-family homeowners (from 600 million won or less to 900 million won or less) last month. have decided to proceed.

The government has proposed a special commission on real estate to impose a tax on only the top 2% of published prices, a deferred taxation system, a freeze on the fair market value ratio of 90%, and a 10% point (p) long-term residence deduction for 10 years or more. state

As for the transfer tax, there is a proposal to expand the tax-free standard for single homeowners from 900 million won to 1.2 billion won based on the actual transaction price.

As the presidential election schedule draws near, the party leadership is in a position to finalize the real estate system improvement plan as soon as possible.

A key party official said in a phone call with News 1 on the same day, “The property tax and transfer tax should be settled within this week.”

It is known that there is a high possibility that the party’s opinion will be decided as a government proposal, as public opinion against the easing of the slave tax has prevailed within the party.

A high-ranking party official said in a phone call, “It will not be easy to impose a tax on only the top 2% of publicly available land.” “The atmosphere within the party is also more inside the government.”

The Democratic Party will also carry out follow-up measures on the results of the Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission’s full investigation into real estate transactions to be announced on the same day. The Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission plans to disclose suspected speculation cases found in real estate transactions between lawmakers and their families belonging to the Democratic Party under investigation, the number of investigation requests, and types of violations of the law.

The Democratic Party has announced that it will strictly disciplinary against lawmakers found to be speculative as a result of the full investigation.

Previously, Song Young-gil, chairman of the Democratic Party, said, “When the results of the investigation come out, they will listen to their vocation and if it is not enough, they will be transferred to the investigation agency.” Until a decision is made, we will strictly implement measures such as withdrawal from the party.”

Meanwhile, the party leadership will finish the discussion on the real estate issue within this week, and start secreting a full-fledged presidential primary from next week. Immediately after the National Power of the People Convention to be held on the 11th, a presidential election planning group will be launched and coordination related to the election will begin.

A high-ranking party official said on the phone, “The election planning team will be launched immediately after the People’s Strength National Convention.”

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