[가요]’Songga in the Drama’, the point of watching #Sense of the scene #Interview released

The power of singer Song Ga-in was also shown in the theater district.

Song Ga-in’s first movie’Songga-in the drama’ (THE DRAMA) is confirmed to be released on the 11th, and movie trailers and posters are appearing day after day at the main promotion spots of 100 megaboxes nationwide. It is the power of Song Ga-in, who has captured not only the trot world but also the theater district.

‘Song Ga In The Drama’ is a film that contains Song Ga-in’s first solo concert,’It’s Ga-in’, an unreleased video, and Song Ga-in’s true story. This is a rewind movie that looks back on the life of Song Ga-in, a singer who blossomed again in 2019.

The first point of watching the movie is the sense of reality that is comparable to the concert hall. It is expected that the regret of being unable to intuitively observe Song Ga-in’s concert due to Corona 19. With a high-definition screen and overwhelming 5.1 channel sound, you can feel immersive as if you are in a real concert hall.

The second is the big release of behind-the-scenes and interviews. While watching his first solo concert,’It’s Gain,’ Song Ga-in confessed his honest thoughts about the concert preparation process, which was not revealed anywhere.

Song Ga-in, who has walked honestly after looking at a single song, is raising expectations about what kind of story he will unfold.

YTN Star Reporter Cho Hyun-joo ([email protected])

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