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[강민구의 星별우주]Chinese probe successfully landed on Mars surface

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[이데일리 강민구 기자] China has landed an unmanned probe on the surface of Mars. It narrowed the technological gap with the United States and showed off the world’s best space exploration technology at home and abroad.

China’s Xinhua News Agency and China’s National Port and Heaven Bureau (CNSA) said on the 15th that the unmanned probe, Tianyuan 1, landed on the Utopia Plain of Mars after a 10-month journey.

Meanwhile, the United States, the European Union, Russia (former Soviet Union), Japan, India, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have attempted to explore Mars. Out of a total of 45 attempts, the mission was successful 17 times. The only countries that have successfully landed on Mars are the United States and Russia (formerly Soviet Union). Mars 3, the former Soviet Mars probe, succeeded in landing on the surface of Mars in 1971, but only partially succeeded as communication was cut off after a few dozen seconds. In fact, China has jumped in the US solo system.

Tianyuan 1 is a probe consisting of an orbiter, a lander, and an exploration vehicle (rover). It is designed to be able to do everything from orbiting Mars to landing and exploration at once. After launching at the end of July of last year, the probe entered Mars orbit in February of this year after seven months of flight. Since then, it has succeeded in landing on the surface of Mars.

After successfully landing on the surface of Mars, the exploration vehicle’Kowloon’ plans to conduct exploration activities on the Utopia Plain in the future. The Kowloon is an exploration vehicle containing the meaning of the first’fire god’ in ancient Chinese mythology. It has 6 wheels and weighs 240 kg.

If the vehicle moves successfully, it will use six scientific laboratory equipment (vehicles) such as panoramic cameras, surface transmissive radars, magnetic field detectors, and meteorological analyzers to explore the existence of living organisms, collect soil samples, and analyze topography and climate.

China’s Xinhua News Agency said, “China has left its mark on Mars for the first time,” adding that it is “an important step in China’s planetary exploration”.

The Chinese national port and heaven also announced the successful landing of the Mars probe. (Photo = China National Port and Heaven Twitter Twitter)


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