[건강톡톡] The flesh that comes out when the clothes are thin … Should I do liposuction?

When the weather warms, clothes become lighter. As the body emerges, more and more people are thinking about liposuction. I learned about liposuction with a Haidak specialist.

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Q. What is liposuction?
Liposuction involves injecting a solution containing a local anaesthetic, saline, and a vasoconstrictor into the subcutaneous fat to make it easier for the fat cells to leave the body, and then remove them from the body through an inhaler.
– Haidaq Family Medicine Counseling Doctor Lee Cheol-hoon (Woojinsae Clinic)

Q. I heard that male inhalation surgery is more dangerous, is it true?
It is true that men have less fat than women, so be careful when performing the procedure. However, the treatment method is not significantly different.
– Director Bae Seong-gyu, counseling doctor at Haidak Plastic Surgery Clinic (ABC Plastic Surgery Clinic)

Q. How should I cope after surgery?
During the recovery period after liposuction, there may be swelling or bruising, which usually subsides and disappears over 2 to 3 weeks. At this time, if you apply cold compresses to the swelling symptoms, it will help to subside quickly, and if the bruises are severe or you want to get rid of them faster, buying a cream will bruise and its application also helps to relieve the symptoms. In addition, it is recommended to take antibiotics prescribed by the hospital the day before surgery to prevent inflammation and vitamin K to help reduce bruising after surgery.
– Haidaq Surgery Consulting Doctor Heo Jae-hoon (Surgery Clinic 247)

C. The scars are too bad after the operation. How do I do it?
Mild early liposuction scars can be healed with scar cream. Moderate or older liposuction scars require specialist treatment. In the past, scar treatment was a difficult area, but recently it can be improved using lasers, so don’t worry too much. You can think of it as a regeneration technique that transforms surgically deformed fibrous tissue into completely new fibrous tissue. Unlike conventional lasers, there are few side effects such as pain, redness and pigmentation after the treatment, and it has the advantage of not interfering with daily life.
– Haidaq Dermatology Counseling Doctor Lee Sang-min (I Love Dermatology Clinic)

Q. Are there any side effects?
Side effects of liposuction include bumpiness, adhesions caused by the skin sticking directly to the muscle, and weight gain due to poor control after surgery. After surgery, a compression garment is worn over the surgical area to reduce the fat layer. It can become uneven if not worn or not well maintained. Also, if the fat is not removed evenly during liposuction, the skin can look uneven due to the area where the fat layer remains.
– Director Jang Woo-seok, consultant at Haidak Plastic Surgery Clinic

* This article has been reproduced from a Haidak expert answer.

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