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[건강] Why is it necessary to consume high-protein, low-carbohydrate, before and after receiving the corona vaccine?

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There are many people who are considering vaccination to prevent infection with COVID-19, but there are also those who are concerned about the possibility that there is a risk of poor health before and after vaccination. In particular, people who are dieting or exercising to lose weight may wonder what to do. With the help of Gyu-hee Chae, CEO of 365mc Nowon Branch, we asked about the health care method before and after the Corona 19 vaccination for dieters.

Diet before and after vaccination, do not overdo it

Corona 19 vaccines such as Moderna and Pfizer currently being vaccinated are a method of inducing antigen and antibody responses. Before vaccination, the body should be in the best condition to obtain the vaccine effect by making antibodies against the antigen injected for immunity.

However, you should be careful as the effect of inoculation may not appear properly if you have a problem with physical condition or physical condition due to excessive dieting, such as excessively reducing food intake. Director Chae points out, “Excessive calorie restriction or excessive exercise can adversely affect the formation of antibodies by causing nutritional deficiency and fatigue.”

A general low-calorie diet that takes into account one’s basal metabolic rate, etc., is not a big problem when vaccinated. However, he advised that it is helpful to consume enough high-quality nutrients, rather than simply focusing on reducing calories.

Director Chae Gyu-hee said, “Even if they are not vaccinated, they are emphasizing that dieters should be careful about nutrient deficiencies for healthy weight management. It is true that I feel difficult to take care of.” He also advised, “I take care of nutrients with the vaccination, but if I continue this habit until after the vaccination, I will be able to get a positive effect on my diet.”

◆When do you exercise and diet after vaccination? Remember the ‘high protein meal’

There are many people who wonder when it is possible to resume the diet after successfully completing the COVID-19 vaccine. It would be nice not to go through difficult conditions after inoculation, but it is necessary to be careful because the antibody response varies from person to person.

In conclusion, there is no need to stop dieting unless you are overdoing it.

First of all, a high-protein, low-carbohydrate diet, which is the ‘standard’ of diet after vaccination, plays a positive role in immune management.

Director Chae Gyu-hee emphasized, “After vaccination, there are people who think, ‘I have a hard time, so I need to eat well and eat well’.

According to him, the nutrients that make your mouth happy are usually ‘carbohydrates’. It is undoubtedly a nutrient that plays an important role in the human body as an energy source. However, it is more important to replenish the components of the body after vaccination. Protein is a nutrient that makes up the body and plays a more important role in acquiring immunity.

Director Chae said, “In this way, it seems that people who usually go on a high-protein, low-carbohydrate diet will be more advantageous in acquiring immunity after vaccination. will,” he said.

Exercise should be avoided for about 1 week after vaccination. Jung Eun-kyung, head of the COVID-19 vaccination response promotion group, also requested this. This is to prevent side effects that may occur after vaccination. In particular, if you experience chest pain, shortness of breath, heart rate abnormality, fainting, etc., even when you are engaged in normal activities in your daily life, you should definitely seek medical attention.

After this period, you can start with the level of exercise that allows you to communicate with the person next to you, step by step. Director Chae Gyu-hee said, “Exercise for 30 minutes daily or 200 minutes a week is beneficial for immune management.

‘Procrastinate’ to take diet pills before inoculation

Some dieters consult with their doctor and take an obesity treatment appropriate for their situation if necessary. These drugs usually play a role, such as managing appetite or boosting metabolism in the body.

There is still no relationship between the drug for obesity treatment and the interaction or side effects of the COVID-19 vaccine. Nevertheless, it is necessary to inform them of the fact that they are taking diet pills, because taking prescribed obesity medications also acts as a factor that affects the condition.

Director Chae Gyu-hee said, “Those who take the drug for the first time may feel uncomfortable symptoms when taking it, which may lead to poor physical condition. . He added, “If there is no significant change in condition after taking the medicine, you can stop the day before the inoculation.”

However, it is not recommended to arbitrarily discontinue the prescribed drug. Dr. Chae said, “The diet pill ultimately helps patients change from a habit of gaining weight to a habit that allows them to lose weight,” said Dr. Chae. do,” he explained.

On the other hand, after vaccination, the period of taking the drug may vary according to discomfort symptoms that may occur after vaccination. Director Chae Gyu-hee said, “If you have body aches all over your body, you can start taking it after the symptoms disappear, and if there is tenderness in the injection site, you can start taking it 2-3 days after the inoculation.” We have to make a decision after discussing it,” he said.

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