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[경제][상암동 복덕방] House price rise ‘stagnated’, but … “Trend reversal is still”

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The rise in house prices has slowed as the banks raise the threshold for lending.

However, there are evaluations that it is difficult to see that the soaring trend has changed.

The government decided to make a second advance subscription to solve the supply problem.

Real estate news for a week, organized by reporter Jo Tae-hyun.


The Moon Jae-in government was launched in 2017.

What is the current price of the apartment you sold in Seoul at the time?

Among the apartments sold in Seoul from May to December 2017, after taking office, 10 complexes with actual transactions last month were surveyed, and an average increase of nearly 130% was found.

In terms of money, it is over 10 billion won.

However, the recent surge in the real estate market seems to have subsided slightly due to the tightening of loan regulations.

Apartment prices nationwide this week rose 0.27% from a week ago, slightly reducing the increase.

Although the metropolitan area is still on the high side, the slope itself has decreased.

However, the prevailing evaluation is that it is difficult to see that the soaring trend itself has changed.

[심교언 / 건국대학교 부동산학과 교수 : 수급 요인 상 상승 요인이 훨씬 많기 때문에 계속 상승할 가능성이 큽니다. 다만 과거 오름폭이 컸기 때문에 그에 대한 피로감으로 주춤하는 모습을 보일 가능성이 큽니다.]

The court auction market is showing signs of overheating due to soaring house prices.

Last month, the auction successful bid rate for apartments across the country reached an all-time high. In particular, the rate of successful bids for villas with relatively low entry barriers jumped by 10 percentage points in the metropolitan area within a month.

[이주현 / 지지옥션 선임연구원 : 전반적으로 공급이 부족하고 매매 시장에서 세금 관련 문제로 매물도 부족한 상황입니다. 매매 시장에서 가격 불안 현상이 지속할수록 경매 낙찰가율 상승 추세도 계속 이어질 것으로 예상합니다.]

The government is also busy taking measures.

This time, I pulled out a pre-order card, and the plan is to supply 10,000 households to the metropolitan area through the second pre-order.

The price was set at 60-80% of the surrounding market price.

Another tool the government expects is an increase in the key interest rate.

The Monetary Policy Committee of the Bank of Korea kept the base rate unchanged this week, but expressed its intention to raise it next month.

Even if the interest rate is raised again, it is still at a low level of 1% per annum, and it is difficult to solve the problem of supply shortage in a short period of time.

This is YTN Jo Tae-hyun.

YTN Cho Tae-hyun ([email protected])

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