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[경제][팩트와이] No country deals with virtual currency or financial products?

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In the recent virtual currency craze, government officials are still in the position that it is not easy to recognize bitcoin as institutional financial products.

I checked the content of the remarks surrounding cryptocurrency, whether it is true or not.

Reporter Seung-Hwan Kim, FactW, reports.


[김부겸/ 국무총리 내정자(지난달 27일) : 제도권으로 가져온다는 게 쉽지가 않습니다. 지금까지 가상화폐 자체를 기존의 화폐나 금융상품처럼 그렇게 취급하는 나라는 없더라고요.]

In the case of Germany, the’banking law’ has nailed the so-called’cryptocurrency’ as a financial instrument.

Japan also specified’crypto assets’ as one of the financial products in the’Financial Product Transactions Act’.

Even if a cryptocurrency exchange distributes its profits, it is subject to this law.

The U.S. applies different regulations for each institution, such as the Securities and Exchange Commission,

There are rules that consider cryptocurrency as a financial instrument if it meets the conditions.

However, the reason why each country has put cryptocurrency within the scope of financial products is for realistic reasons such as investor protection or taxation.

Cryptocurrency is still far from financial instruments in which bond debt relationships are intrinsic.

[이한상/ 고려대 경영학과 교수 : (금융기관이) 매도, 매수의 주체가 될 수 있다는 의미에서 느슨한 의미의 금융상품이지만, // 양 당사자가 있고 계약 조건에 의한 엄밀한 의미의 금융상품이 아닙니다.]

The International Accounting Standards Committee also interpreted in 2019 that virtual currency is neither a currency nor a financial product.

[은성수 / 금융위원장(지난 22일) : 제일 걱정되는 부분은 이 부분(가상화폐)이 이제 공식화하고 제도권으로 들어와서 갑자기 이게 더 투기 열풍이 부는 부분도 사실 고민되는….]

This is the trend of cryptocurrency transactions in Japan, which began to legalize before us.

After discussions on the revision of the law began in 2017, the amount of transactions increased sharply, but in 2019, when the relevant law passed the Japanese House of Councilors, the amount of transactions decreased.

If you look at the trend of cryptocurrency transactions in Korea, the trend is similar to that of Japan.

Considering Japan’s precedent for institutionalization ahead of us, the cryptocurrency craze is influenced by investment sentiment that expects high returns, but it is difficult to say that it is influenced by institutionalization.

[김대종 / 세종대 경영학부 교수 : 문제가 되는 가상화폐는 빨리 정리를 하거나 규정에 맞게 퇴출을 시키도록 해야죠. 선진국 수준으로 제도와 규정을 만들어야지…]

However, as the ruling party also calls out that there is a need for a system to protect investors, discussions on related laws are expected to continue.

YTN Seung-Hwan Kim[[email protected]]is.

[저작권자(c) YTN & YTN plus 무단전재 및 재배포 금지]


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