[경제]20% of domestic consumption and exports are eco-friendly cars… Export 24%↑

The number of automobile exports in 2021 8.6%↑, the amount of exports 24.2%↑
車 Domestic sales decreased, but eco-friendly cars 54%↑ (20.1%)
Electric vehicles overtake diesels in Europe… Reorganization of eco-friendly vehicles
Domestic companies to launch new electric vehicle models one after another


Over the past year, two out of 10 domestic and export vehicles were eco-friendly.

Automobile exports increased by 24% compared to a year ago, driven by an increase in eco-friendly car exports.

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Last year, eco-friendly car exports began to gain momentum after the launch of new electric vehicles such as the Ioniq 5 and EV6.

43,000 units of the Ioniq 5 released in April and 18,000 units of the EV6 released in August were sold overseas, accounting for one-third of the total electric vehicle exports.

Hybrid cars accounted for about 210,000 units and electric vehicles with 154,000 units, and eco-friendly cars accounted for 20% of the total automobile exports.

The number of automobile exports increased by 8.6% and the amount by 24.2% from a year ago, but it is the first time in 9 years since 2012 that both the number and value of automobiles increased.

[권용주 / 국민대 자동차운송디자인학과 겸임교수 : (유럽에서) 배출가스 규제가 강화되면서 친환경 차를 각 나라가 보조금을 주면서 구매를 많이 독려하는 중입니다. 그 상황에 우리가 친환경 차를 많이 만들어서 그 시장에 일찍 진출시킨 것이….]

In the domestic market, the total number of cars sold decreased compared to a year ago, but eco-friendly cars increased by 54%, accounting for more than 20% of the total.

In particular, electric vehicle sales doubled, while hybrid sales increased by 36%, while internal combustion engine vehicles decreased by 17%.

In Europe, the sales of electric vehicles recorded 176,000 units in December last year, surpassing diesel cars for the first time in history.

This year, domestic automakers plan to launch new electric vehicles one after another to preoccupy the overseas market.

However, securing automotive semiconductors is still expected to be the biggest variable in this process.

This is YTN Park Hong-goo.

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