[경제]3rd extension of household debt ‘principal repayment deferral’…”Re-application possible”

Financial Services Commission extends personal debtor support plan for another 6 months
‘Up to 1 year’ deferment of principal repayment until June 30 next year
Debtors who have already received deferred benefits can apply for additional
Credit loans in the name of individual business owners are also eligible for support.
Financial Services Commission “Continuous Review of Debtor Recovery Support Plan”


The grace period for principal repayment for debtors who have difficulty repaying their debts due to COVID-19 has been extended for another six months.

This is the third extension, and debtors who have already benefited from deferment may reapply.

Let’s connect with a reporter to see more details. Reporter Jo Tae-hyun!

The financial authorities decided to extend the system for deferring principal repayment for a third time?


Since April of last year, the Financial Services Commission has been operating a plan to strengthen recovery support for vulnerable individual debtors.

This is a special case for those who have difficulty repaying their household loans due to unpaid leave or unemployment due to COVID-19.

It was extended twice at the end of last year and last June to operate the system until the end of this year, but

Considering that the aftermath of COVID-19 is still there, we have decided to extend it for another 6 months until June 30 next year.

Credit loans, Sunshine Loans, and Siddol Loans are eligible.

If your monthly income is less than your monthly debt, you can defer your principal payments for up to a year.

Debtors who have already received one-year repayment deferral can apply again from January next year.

This includes credit loans received by sole proprietors in their own name.

However, secured loans or guaranteed loans are not eligible for support.

In addition, the financial authorities also decided to extend the policy of withholding collection for six months in the case of an individual’s overdue receivables transferred from a financial company to the Korea Asset Management Corporation or Camco.

In the future, the government will continue to provide financial support to vulnerable sectors until the COVID-19 is overcome, and will promote measures to help individual debtors recover.

Until now, this is Taehyun Cho from YTN at the Ministry of Economy.

YTN Cho Tae-hyun ([email protected])

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