[경제]After a year of resignation… Samsung ‘cracked’ in a patent lawsuit against a former executive


An executive who served as the head of patent affairs at Samsung filed a lawsuit in a US court against his parents after one year of resignation.

It is that his patent has been infringed, and Samsung was taken aback because he was a person who knew a lot about the core technology of smartphones.

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Following the 279 trillion won in sales last year, Samsung Electronics is expecting 300 trillion won this year, about half of the government budget.

Samsung’s relentless leap forward on the international stage was made possible by securing more than 210,000 patents and talented people.

Vice President Ahn Seung-ho, who joined the company in 1990, was also at the center of his work as a Samsung man for about 30 years.

As an engineer and US patent attorney, he worked in the field of patent work, in particular, oversaw the intellectual property (IP) business of Samsung Group from 2010 to 2019, just before his retirement.

He, who knows the details of Samsung’s patents, including trade secrets, has filed a lawsuit in the US court against his parents, claiming that 10 patents have been infringed somehow.

The litigation by the patent manager is unusual at home and abroad.

It has been a year since I retired from Samsung.

This lawsuit was jointly filed by an American company ‘Staten Tekiya’, which is claiming ownership of the patent, and Synergy IP, a patent firm he founded in June last year.

They are known to have claimed tens of billions of won in damages, claiming that the patents related to voice recognition of the Galaxy S20 series were infringed.

In response, Samsung Electronics is concerned about the spread of controversy, saying, “I am a retired executive and there is no official position to confirm patent-related issues to the outside.”

Some experts view the nature of this lawsuit as a ‘patent monster’ that seeks to collect huge amounts of damages through patent infringement.

[정차호 /성균관대학교법학전문대학원 교수 : 제품생산은 하지 않으면서 특허소송 하는 것을 업으로 하는 그런 회사들이 제법 미국에는 굉장히 많구요, 전 세계의 먹잇감을 찾고 그들은 특허권자에게 우호적인 미국의 법원에 소송을 제기하는 것으로 되어 있구요. 그런 업체들을 흔히 ‘특허괴물’이라고 칭하기도 하는데…]

However, it is pointed out that Samsung’s frequent entanglement in patent disputes with retired executives and employees is that it exposes loopholes in management while advocating for talent-first.

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