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[경제]”Claim for unconstitutionality of property tax” vs “Expect speculation suppression”

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Dissatisfaction erupted among residents of some apartment complexes who receive large estate tax bills.

There are even movements to object to the tax, such as a request for a judgment on the constitutionality of the tax.

On the other hand, citizens who are not subject to taxation also expressed their expectations for the anti-speculation effect.

This is reporter Kang Jeong-gyu.


An apartment in Seocho-dong, Seoul with a sale price of 4 billion won.

A notice has been attached to claim the unconstitutionality of the comprehensive real estate tax.

[조덕중 / 서울 반포동 : 작년에 3천만 원 정도 나왔어요, 2주택이라. 그래서 대단히 힘들었는데, 금년에 미리 알아보니까 8천만 원 정도 나왔다고 해서….]

The property tax is a double taxation that overlaps with the property tax and is an infringement of property rights.

[이재만 / 종부세 위헌청구 시민연대 공동대표 : 세계에 유례가 없고 조세 원칙에 너무나 어긋나는 것으로써 우리 자유민주주의 헌법질서에 어긋나는 겁니다.]

In the case of apartment buildings in Seoul, one in ten houses is subject to taxation.

In the end, it is also pointed out that tenants will bear the tax burden.

[김세희 / 공인중개사 : 결론은 전세가 반전세가 되고 월세화되면서 그 돈을 받아서… 어떤 분은 그런 얘기를 하더라고요. 정부와 내가 내 집 갖고 나눠 먹기다….]

There is also a reaction that people do not like the idea of ​​raising taxes even if they do not pay the estate tax right away.

It is worrying that the government will have to pay the estate tax next year because of the house price that the government has not caught while the burden of property tax has already increased.

[김효선 / 서울 당산동 : 누가 뭐 이거(집값) 올리려고 노력한 것도 아니고. (집을) 팔 수도 없고, 다른 곳으로 갈 수도 없고 주저앉아서 재산세는 내야 하고 종부세까지 내야 하니까…]

There were also voices of expectation that speculation would be suppressed in the long term due to the heavier tax on property taxes.

[함인환 / 서울 수색동 : 점차 없어지겠죠. 왜냐면, 투기를 해서 이익을 보려고 하다가 세금 같은 걸 많이 매기면 안 하려고 할 것 아니야….]

This is YTN Kang Jeong-gyu.

YTN Kang Jeong-gyu ([email protected])

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