[경제]Loans are tightened more in the new year… Strengthening all aspects of DSR regulations


Next year, the loan tightening is expected to continue as the application of the total debt-to-income ratio, or DSR, is further strengthened.

In consideration of the COVID-19 situation, support for the vulnerable is being expanded.

Reporter Kang Hee-kyung introduces the different financial systems in the new year.


2021 was truly a year of war against household loans.

A tug-of-war between those who want to borrow even a little more and the government to tighten them has been going on all year round.

[김진호 / 서울 한남동 (지난 11월) : 추가로 신용대출을 더 받고 싶은데 대출 규제가 계속 강해지다 보니까….]

[이임자 / 서울 신길동 (지난 10월) : 더 어려운 사람은 대출도 안 해주고 그러면 점점 더 어려워지는 거 아니에요.]

Next year, the regulations will be tighter.

From January, if the total loan amount exceeds KRW 200 million, and from July onwards, if the total loan amount exceeds KRW 100 million, the borrower’s unit total debt repayment ratio, DSR, is applied.

The loan is limited to the amount of principal and interest to be repaid in one year, which is about 40% of annual income.

If a person with an annual income of 50 million won and a credit loan of 50 million won applies for a home equity loan of 240 million won to buy an apartment worth 600 million won, he could get all the loans.

However, from January next year, the DSR will be applied, reducing the loanable amount by 100 million won.

On the other hand, support for the vulnerable is expanded.

First, the loan limit for workers’ solar loans and solar bank loans for low-income and low-credit people has been increased by 5 million won, and COVID-19 victims who are fulfilling debt adjustment by the Credit Recovery Committee can use the special repayment deferral system at any time.

[김나혜 / 금융위원회 금융정책과 사무관 : 2021년에 코로나19로 큰 어려움을 겪은 분이 많아서 새해에는 코로나19 피해자 지원 등 취약 계층을 위한 금융제도를 더 많이 시행할 예정입니다.]

The digitalization of finance is getting faster.

For example, from January 5, next year, the My Data service called ‘financial assistant in my hand’ will be fully implemented.

It is a service that collects and shows personal credit information scattered across financial companies, corporations, and government offices in one place, and analyzes consumption patterns to help manage assets and credit.

At the same time, it is expected that consumer protection measures will be strengthened, such as expanding the application requirements for interest rate cut requests and enabling non-face-to-face insurance contract termination.

This is YTN Kang Hee-kyung.

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