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[경제]Seoul jeonse price rises approaching 100 consecutive weeks…

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The end of the jeonse crisis that has continued since last year is invisible.

The total price of apartments in Seoul is rising almost 100 weeks without hesitation.

In some areas, the amount of reconstruction and migration is also predicted, so finding a private house is unlikely to be easy for the time being.

Reporter Cho Tae-hyun reports.


It is an apartment complex in Seocho-gu, Seoul.

It is a place where reconstruction projects are promoted with plans to move in in 2025.

Resident migration is expected to begin in earnest starting next month.

With demand that has already been relocated, the nearby charter market is swaying.

The rise of the total price in Seocho-gu, Seoul increased significantly from a week ago,

Sparks spattered in nearby Dongjak-gu and Jungwon-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do.

[김시연 / 공인중개사 : 이주가 확정되면서 입주민이 이사를 해야 하니까 문의는 많아지고 있고요, 전반적으로 전세든 반전세든 금액이 더 올라가는 분위기입니다. 물건이 귀해지고 있죠.]

Seoul apartment rental price is from early July 2019 to the latest,

It has been on the rise for nearly 100 weeks.

The nationwide charter market has also decreased, but the price has been steadily rising.

Last year, after the ruling party enforced the so-called 3 lease law, the amount of jeonse was drastically reduced.

Another variable was created that would stimulate the jeonse crisis of reconstruction migration.

[윤지해 / 부동산114 수석연구원 : 임대차 3법 전격 시행에 따른 진통이 아직 남아있고요, 전세의 월세 전환 가속화와 저금리 환경, 수도권 중심의 입주물량 감소 영향 등을 고려할 때 하반기에도 상승 추세가 지속할 것으로 예상합니다.]

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The government argued that the demand for relocation to Gangnam 4 district this year was only half that of last year, and that concerns about jeonse insecurity were not true.

However, it is pointed out that this is a claim that does not take into account the fact that the amount of jeonse in the market has decreased.

According to the analysis, in the end, in order to alleviate the jeonse crisis even a little while supply is decreasing despite the increase in demand for large-scale reconstruction projects, the only way to speed up supply through measures such as the 2nd and 4th measures.

YTN Cho Tae-Hyun[[email protected]]is.

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