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[경제]The world they live in… Why are people flocking to the world even if it exceeds 4 billion?

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In the era of 4 billion won in Jeonse in Gangnam, Seoul, it is the so-called ‘excessive wall’ price that only people with at least 3.5 billion won in cash can enter.

It is said that it is impossible to save without even this.

Reporter Kim Woo-jun found out why the rich in cash look for expensive jeonse houses.


An apartment in Banpo-dong, Seoul.

It is a large complex with over 2,400 households.

Last August, an exclusive area of ​​198㎡ was traded for 5.52 billion won.

The charter price is also beyond imagination.

Recently, a 25-story apartment with an exclusive area of ​​222㎡ was signed with a deposit of KRW 4 billion.

Last August, Jeonse rose from 3.6 billion won to 400 million won in three months.

Another apartment nearby.

Last October, a contract was signed for a 178㎡ apartment with a deposit of 4 billion won and a monthly rent of 3 million won.

A total of 15 apartments in Seoul surpassed 4 billion won in Jeonse prices this year.

This is the first double-digit transaction in five years since the first 4 billion won was released in 2017.

To sign a 4 billion won Jeonse contract, you need 3.5 billion won in cash, even after subtracting the 500 million won maximum loan.

In a word, it is a contract that only a very few can roll in with billions of won in cash.

[서울시 반포동 공인중개사 : 인터넷에 공인중개사들이 보는 사이트에 (전세가가) 50억 원이 나왔다가 바로 지워버리더라고요.]

Why are the rich flock to the ultra-high-priced jeonse, which is not conducive to asset growth?

This is because, in the case of ultra-high-end apartments, the tax accrued upon sale is considerable.

If you are a multi-family homeowner, you will have to pay hundreds of millions of won in acquisition tax alone when dealing with super high-end apartments.

[임병철 / 부동산 R114 리서치 팀장 : 무엇보다 초고가 전세로 살더라도 매매와 달리 세금 부담이 없어 높은 전세가에도 거래는 꾸준히 이어지고 있습니다.]

In addition, the main reason is that Jeonse is relatively free from tracking funds, unlike trading where you have to prove the source of funds one by one.

[김시연 / 서울시 반포동 공인중개사 : 매매는 부분은 자금 증빙이라든가 굉장히 까다롭잖아요. 그런데 전세는 아직 규제라는 게 없으니까 일단 넣었다가 받으면 되는 돈이라고 생각하고….]

Unless the government’s policy of suppressing real estate, such as heavy acquisition tax to catch sales demand, changes, the demand for ultra-high-priced jeonse, which is hard to imagine by ordinary people, is expected to continue.

This is YTN Kim Woo-Jun.

YTN Woojun Kim ([email protected])

[저작권자(c) YTN & YTN plus 무단전재 및 재배포 금지]


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