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[경제]Up to 75% of transfer tax for multi-homed people…Reporting rent to cheonsei starting today

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Starting today, various real estate taxes and systems will change.

As the transfer tax for multi-homed people becomes heavy and the rent to cheonsei system is implemented, there will be considerable changes in the real estate market.

Reporter Shin Yoon-jung reports.


■ Transfer tax for multi-homed and short-term holders

Starting today, the maximum rate of transfer tax applied when multi-homed people sell their homes will jump to 75%.

If you buy a Seoul apartment for 500 million won and sell it for 1 billion won, the transfer tax will increase by more than 50 million won to 300 million won for 2 homes and 350 million won for 3 or more homes.

Even if you are not multi-homed, you will have to pay most of the gains from the transfer as tax if you have a short home.

Even if the house increases by 100 million, if you sell it within one year, you will have to pay 75 million won as a transfer tax, so there is virtually nothing left when considering other transaction taxes.

While it works to block speculative demand, there are also concerns that it will significantly reduce real estate transactions.

[우병탁 / 신한은행 부동산투자자문센터 팀장 : 6월 1일 이후에는 거래량이 급격하게 감소하는 거래 절벽과 매물 잠김 현상이 더 심해질 것으로 예상됩니다.]

■ Enforcement of the rent to cheonsei system

The last piece of the’Lease Protection 3 Act’, the rent to cheonsei system, is in effect from today, so if you sign a contract with cheonsei, you must report it within one month.

It is expected that rent to cheonsei transaction information will be transparently disclosed and a confirmation date will be automatically given to further enhance tenant protection.

However, if landlords are exposed to rental income, they may raise the rent or rent in advance or collect the property altogether, fearing that they will pay more taxes.

[김규정 / 한국투자증권 자산승계연구소장 : 전·월세 신고제까지 시행되면서 임대차 3법이 본격적으로 가동돼서 민간 아파트 전세물건이 더 부족해질 가능성이 제기됩니다.]

■ Strengthening the possession tax… ‘Undecided’ subject to taxation

As of today, the property tax levied on landlords is stronger than last year.

Starting this year, the roadmap for realizing the published prices will be applied, and the tax rate for multi-homeowners will also rise close to twice that of last year.

The problem is that in the case of one household and one house, who will pay the tax tax has not been established yet.

In addition, the Democratic Party’s Special Real Estate Commission suggested the top 2% of housing prices, and the government’s ruling party plans to conclude this month through public hearings.

YTN Shin Yoon-jung[[email protected]]is.

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