[경제]”Where are the tenants?”…the number of vacant new apartments increases

Jeonse and monthly rental prices are lower as the amount of goods is pouring in
Cases where the water adopter could not find a tenant and left the house ↑
Decline in the occupancy prospect index… It will be harder to find tenants

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It has been found that among new apartment complexes, an increasing number of households are vacant because they cannot find a tenant.

The main reason is that although the adoptive adopter needed a large sum of money for the balance, the tenant put out a rental property, but it is difficult for the tenant to pay the full price due to high-strength loan regulations and interest rate hikes.

Correspondent Choi Ki-seong.


It is an apartment complex with about 1,100 households in Geomdan New Town, Incheon.

I started moving in in June, and there are about 300 Jeon/monthly rentals on the list.

[공인중개사 ‘A’ : (검단신도시) 남쪽도 한 3천 세대 들어가는 것 같고 위쪽도 3천 세대가 들어서는 거 같아요. 앞으로 남아 있는 (입주) 세대 수가….]

If you look at the new apartment complexes around you, you can see that rental properties are piling up looking for tenants.

If you look at the apartments that have started moving in or are about to move in in Geomdan New City, there are about 1,300 jeonse and 320 monthly rent.

As additional occupancy is expected by the end of the year, the number of properties for sale is highly likely to increase.

As the quantity poured in, the price became cheaper.

Jeonse prices for new apartments of 84 square meters were in the high 300 million won to 400 million won range last year, but now they have dropped to the low 300 million won range.

Even compared to the nearby Gimpo Hangang New Town, which has similar accessibility and residential environment to Seoul, there is a difference of nearly 100 million won.

In the case of a low-rise or a quick sale, the local real estate agents are saying that the 84㎡ exclusive area is being traded at a price of 200 million won.

[공인중개사 ‘B’ : 잘 찾으면 저층 같은 경우에는 2억7~8천만 원, 이 정도도 있거든요. 주인분이 빨리 계약서 쓰고 싶으시면…. 매물들이 워낙 많으니까 신경 그만 쓰고 그냥 계약할래요, 이런 분들도 계시고요.]

If you look at the recent statistics, you can see that the number of cases of tenants leaving their homes vacant because they cannot find tenants is increasing.

The number one reason for non-occupancy in apartments nationwide was 35.2% of unsecured tenants, followed by delayed sale of existing houses and non-secured loans.

The number of unoccupied tenants due to the failure to secure tenants has been steadily increasing since January of this year, and in May it surged by 10.7 percentage points from April.

The nationwide apartment occupancy rate in May was also 82.4%, meaning that one in five households did not move in.

[서현승 / 주택산업연구원 연구원 : 잔금 치르기 어려운 수분양자가 매물을 내놓는데 세입자 역시 대출 금리 상승 등으로 인해서 입주하기 어려운 상황이 발생했기 때문으로 보입니다.]

As the apartment occupancy prospect index continues to decline, it seems that it will become more difficult to find tenants for the time being.

This is Choi Ki-sung from YTN.

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