[국제]A small town in Mississippi that has gone awry… Recovery in the midst of crisis


A small town in the United States, where a state of emergency was declared, was devastated by a hurricane, a powerful hurricane.

With at least 26 dead in two states, a painful recovery has begun.

Reporter Kim Tae-hyun reports.


Satellite image of Rolling Fork, a small town in Mississippi that was hit by a tornado.

Neatly arranged residential areas and commercial areas have now turned into muddy fields and are difficult to find.

Only remnants remain of the post office and government offices that were swept away by the hurricane.

Drone photos show the damage situation in detail.

The roofs of houses and buildings have been damaged or completely blown away, and the interior is also disastrous and dizzying.

Destroyed trucks were buried in rubble and could no longer move, and bare trees lost all their branches and only skeletons remained.

Residents who survived the disaster came out to recover.

The Coopers explore every nook and cranny of their messy teahouse.

[레베카 쿠퍼 / 롤링 포크 주민 : 매우 슬픕니다. 그러나 모두가 나서 서로 돕고 있습니다. 대단합니다.]

[스티븐 쿠퍼 / 롤링 포크 주민 : 그때 집에 있었는데 토네이도로 차고가 날아가고 헛간이 사라지고 지붕엔 구멍이 났습니다.]

Amidst the declaration of a state of emergency, Mayor Walker is also directing the recovery to the affected site.

[엘드리지 워커 / 롤링 포크 시장 : 엄청난 일입니다. 많은 사람이 희생됐습니다. 피해를 입은 모든 가족들에게 애도를 표합니다.]

Rural towns that have suffered enough damage to be wiped off the map are finding it difficult to recover.

This is Kim Tae-hyun’s YTN.

YTN Kim Tae-hyun (

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