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[국제]Biden, first summit with Trudeau…”zero carbon emissions promised by 2050″

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US President Biden held a bilateral talks with Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau on the 23rd local time.

At this summit, which was held for the first time after President Biden took office, the two leaders agreed to cooperate to control Corona 19 and respond to climate change.

In particular, the two countries have agreed to work together to achieve zero carbon emissions by 2050.

He also promised to cooperate with China and called for the release of Canadians Michael Spaber and Michael Cobrick, detained in China.

The two leaders admitted that the talks were successful, but as it was President Biden’s first bilateral talks, it is an analysis that they achieved consensus to highlight cooperation between the two countries.

The bilateral talks were conducted by video in accordance with the Corona 19 situation and were simpler in terms of protocol than during the face-to-face summit.

On the U.S. side, Vice President Camela Harris, the Secretary of State, Defense, Finance, and National Security Advisor at the White House were present, and on the Canadian side, Prime Minister Trudeau, Deputy Prime Minister Christina Frillland, and Foreign Minister Mark Gano were present.

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