[국제]’blasphemy’ mass riot in Pakistan… Burning foreigners to death

There has been a horrific incident in Pakistan where Muslims outraged by blasphemy turned into mobs, assaulting and burning foreigners to death.

According to local media, on the 3rd local time, hundreds of Muslim men, including workers at a sports goods factory in Sialkot, 200 km southeast of Islamabad, the capital, caused a mass riot.

The mob alleged that the factory manager, a Sri Lankan, had committed blasphemy for damaging a poster bearing the name of the Islamic prophet Muhammad, dragged him outside, beat him and set himself on fire.

Police arrested 50 people at the scene and are investigating the remaining 50 people who are believed to have taken part in the crime.

Prime Minister Imran Khan said: “The horrific incident of burning a Sri Lankan manager alive has made Pakistan a day of shame.”

YTN Kim Hyung-geun ([email protected])

[저작권자(c) YTN & YTN plus 무단전재 및 재배포 금지]



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