[국제]China returns to the early days of COVID-19…


As the number of people infected with COVID-19 in Xi’an, China, has increased, the number of daily infections in China has returned to the initial level of the outbreak last year.

China has begun sending military medical personnel back to Xi’an.

Correspondent Kang Seong-woong reports from Beijing.


Military medical personnel, who will be departing for Xi’an, took part in a night out in military uniforms.

There are 150 doctors and nurses belonging to the university of the nearby Air Force.

[시안 파견 군 의료대 대장 / 산시성 중국 공군 군의대학 : 교장 동지! 학교 의료대 출정 준비 완료했습니다. 출발 지시를 내려주십시오! (교장: 출발!)]

Some of the medical staff who fought in a field hospital in Wuhan last year were also dispatched to Xi’an this time.

This is because the situation has become urgent as more than 150 confirmed cases a day have been confirmed in Xi’an for the past three days in a row.

In China, the number of daily confirmed cases has exceeded 200.

It is only counting the number of confirmed cases per day, but it has returned to the level in March of last year, which was the early stage of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Moreover, this trend is expected to continue for some time.

[위샤오리 / 시안시 질병통제센터 부주임 : (감염지역이) 밀집 지역이고 유동성이 커 확산 범위가 넓어서 확진자가 증가 속도도 빠릅니다.]

Chinese experts expect that this re-proliferation in Xi’an will be caught until late January next year.

Even on February 4th, when the Beijing Winter Olympics will start, the situation is not safe.

It is for this reason that Xi’an, the epicenter of the re-proliferation, is completely locked down just like Wuhan at the beginning of the Corona 19 outbreak.

China maintains that there is no problem with hosting the Beijing Winter Olympics.

However, it seems clear that the movement of people will be more tightly controlled as the opening day approaches.

This is Sungwoong Kang from YTN in Beijing.

YTN Kang Sung-woong (

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