[국제]Cold wave of -48 degrees Celsius in Xinjiang, China… 7 workers frozen

A cold wave of minus 48 degrees Celsius hit Xinjiang, China, and seven workers froze to death, Mingbo Hong Kong reported.

According to the China Central Meteorological Observatory, a cold wave has continued for three consecutive days from the 28th in northern China, including Xinjiang, Heilongjiang, Inner Mongolia, and Hebei.

Today (30th), the lowest temperature in Ergun, Inner Mongolia, dropped to -42.7 degrees, and in Hulunbuir, the lowest recorded temperature was -32 degrees.

The minimum temperature in northern Hebei, such as Chengde and Zhangjiakou, also dropped to -25 to -30 degrees.

Hong Kong Myeongbo reported that seven workers working on road construction in Xinjiang froze to death due to a sudden cold wave.

According to reports, on the 28th, around 7:00 pm, 8 workers working on road maintenance in Aratai, the northernmost part of Xinjiang, were evacuated to a village 4 km away when the construction work was stopped due to waves cold and heavy. snow

The workers left their cars and lost contact while walking to the village, and the police searched the next day and rescued one person, but seven had already died.

At the time, the lowest temperature in Artai was -48.6 degrees, and it was known that more than 1m of snow had accumulated.

Earlier, on the 24th, a fire broke out in a high-rise apartment building in Urumqi, Xinjiang, killing 10 people, and suspicions were raised that the evolution was delayed due to a structure placed for quarantine.

As a result, protests against the excessive quarantine measures by the authorities spread throughout China.

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