[국제]Countdown to Finland’s ‘NATO membership’…US “Sweden should be in soon”


Finland, which applied for NATO membership following the invasion of Ukraine last year, is expected to become an official member next month at the earliest.

Turkey, which had not approved membership, entered the ratification process, but the United States stressed that Sweden should also become a member as soon as possible.

Reporter Lee Kyung-ah reports.


[레제프 타이이프 에르도안 / 튀르키예 대통령 : 핀란드에 대한 나토 가입 비준 절차를 시작하기로 결정했습니다.]

As Turkiye announced its ratification process, Finland crossed the final threshold for NATO membership.

The ratification bill is expected to pass the ruling party’s parliament next month, ahead of the presidential elections in May.

Before this, on the 27th, Hungary will vote on the confirmation of Finland’s admission.

After the summit in Turkiye, the Finnish President expressed his gratitude.

[사울 니니스퇴 / 핀란드 대통령 : 지난해 봄 우리 의회 의원 95%가 나토 가입에 찬성했습니다. 이제 우리는 답을 얻었습니다. 감사합니다.]

In May last year, after the war in Ukraine, Finland and Sweden which had been neutral for a long time declared NATO membership.

This is due to growing security concerns in Russia’s two neighboring countries.

Unlike Finland, Sweden has not yet received agreements from Turkey and Hungary.

Sweden reportedly did not hand over recruits from the Kurdistan Workers’ Party officials, which Turkey has defined as a terrorist organization.

The United States emphasized that Sweden should become a member as soon as possible.

This is due to the expectation that the power of the NATO alliance to keep Russia under control will grow even more.

NATO also encouraged the beneficiary to complete the process.

[옌스 스톨텐베르그 / 나토 사무총장 : 엄중한 안보 상황 속에 핀란드와 스웨덴의 나토 가입은 우리의 동맹을 더 강하고 안전하게 해 줄 것입니다. 신속한 비준이 모두의 이익입니다.]

On the other hand, Russia expressed regret again for the acceptance, saying, “We have declared that we have no conflict with the two countries and that we do not threaten.”

This is YTN Lee Kyung-ah.

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