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[국제]Delta mutation is the dominant species in South Africa… Australia, two-week lockdown

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The UK is suffering from the spread of the COVID-19 delta mutant virus.

South Africa and Australia, the Commonwealth countries that frequently travel to and from the UK, are also under emergency due to the spread of delta mutations.

It is analyzed that it has already become the dominant species in South Africa.

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South Africa, where the third spread of COVID-19 began, is pouring in more than 18,000 new cases.

Health officials said the situation is much more serious than the second outbreak because of the delta mutation.

Local scientists believe that the delta mutation has displaced the South African mutation and became the dominant species.

[데렉 / 웨스턴 케이프 대학 교수 : 이번 상황이 정말 좋지 않아요. 사실 처음보다 더 심각합니다. 젊은 사람들이 병에 걸리고 있어요.]

Australia, a Commonwealth country like South Africa, is also on an emergency due to delta mutations.

The two-week lockdown imposed on Sydney has been extended to surrounding areas, including the Blue Mountains.

[글래디스 베리지클리안 / 호주 뉴사우스웨일스주 총리 : 지금이 코로나 사태 후 가장 무서운 시기라고 말했는데 그것이 사실로 증명됐습니다.]

Portugal also has the second most severe delta mutation spread in Europe after the UK.

In particular, in the capital, Lisbon, 60% of new cases are infected with the delta mutation.

Health authorities have imposed weekend travel restrictions in Lisbon and have restricted opening hours for restaurants and bars.

[마리아나 비에이라 다 실바 / 포르투갈 국무장관 : 이번 주말부터 음식점은 오후 3시 30분에 문을 닫아야 합니다.]

Delta has spread to 85 countries so far, with the first community transmission reported in Taiwan.

In Europe and the United States, the delta variant is expected to become the dominant species before the end of this summer.

Health experts are concerned that the Tokyo Olympics, which brings athletes and officials from around the world together, may become another channel for the spread of delta mutations.

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