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[국제]Elephants born without ivory victims of poaching ‘sad evolution’

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A research team led by Professor Robert Pringle of Princeton University in the United States published a study in the journal ‘Science’ that showed that the number of elephants born without ivory increased after poaching for ivory became popular in Africa.

The research team found that only ivory-free elephants survived poaching for military funds during the Mozambique civil war from 1977 to 1992. .

The research team explained that the change in the elephant’s body in favor of survival is evidence that human activity is actually changing the animal’s body.

Speaking of the findings, American biologist Samuel Wasser told the Associated Press that when you think about natural selection, you usually think of events that take hundreds or thousands of years, but it’s one of the most surprising discoveries that such a dramatic ivory culling took place in 15 years. said.

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