[국제]’Game changer’ Corona pill replica also appeared… 30,000 won sale soon in Bangladesh


A generic drug of ‘molnupiravir’, which is called a breakthrough treatment in the fight against COVID-19, will soon be marketed in Bangladesh for the first time.

The price of one set is expected to be in the high 30,000 won range, so this is good news especially for countries where expensive drugs are burdensome.

This is reporter Lee Kwang-yeop.


Recently, the UK has approved the world’s first pill form for the use of molnupiravir, a treatment for coronavirus.

The drug was quickly approved for marketing when it was proven to be effective in reducing hospitalization and mortality rates of confirmed patients by half.

This treatment, jointly developed by US pharmaceutical companies Merck & Company and MSD, is called a ‘game changer’ because it is easy to take and can be mass-produced.

[사예 쿠 / 리버풀대학교 약리학과 교수 : 몰누피라비르는 훨씬 값이 싸고 전 세계에서 대량 생산과 유통이 가능합니다. 이런 점은 생명을 구하는 치료에 대한 세계의 공평한 접근 측면에서 매우 중요합니다.]

A generic drug with the same ingredients as this pill, which is produced for 10 million people this year, is also appearing right away in Asia.

Bangladesh’s largest pharmaceutical company, Beximco, said the pharmaceutical authorities had approved a generic version of the drug and started production immediately.

“The generic version of molnupiravir will play an important role, especially in countries where vaccination is limited,” said the company’s president.

The company said it plans to sell 40 tablets for 33 dollars or 39,000 won per set if they get the final approval.

The original pill contracted by the US government is known to cost well over 800,000 won per set.

When the high price became controversial, MSD signed a contract to share patents with low-income countries with the International Medical Patent Pool, a UN-supported organization, at the end of last month.

Accordingly, pharmaceutical companies in 105 countries, including Bangladesh and Asia and Africa, are expected to mass-produce generic drugs and sell them at low prices.

This is YTN Lee Kwang-yeop.

YTN Lee Kwang-yeop ([email protected])

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