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[국제]Google employees refusing to give 5.9 million won if they get vaccinated… Why?

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Hundreds of Google’s employees will sign a declaration opposing mandatory COVID-19 vaccines, which could disrupt Google’s plans to return all employees to their offices.

On the 24th, CNBC News, an economic media outlet, reported that more than 600 Google employees had urged management to withdraw the vaccine mandate and create a new health policy that ‘covers all Google employees’.

The employees who issued the statement said that mandatory vaccination is ‘coercive’, approaching the current situation as a matter of principle and appealing to “Let’s oppose the mandatory vaccination together.”

The Biden administration has ordered U.S. companies with 100 or more employees to have their employees either fully vaccinated or routinely screened for COVID-19 by January 4th. Google has asked its 150,000 employees to post their vaccination status internally.

According to internal Google documents obtained by CNBC, all employees, regardless of whether they return to work or not, must be vaccinated by December 3, even if they work from home.

“Vaccines are key to our ability to ensure that everyone gets back to the office safely and minimizes the spread of COVID-19 in our communities,” Chris Lakow, Google’s vice president of security, said in an email at the end of October.

He said in an email that the deadline for employees to request waivers for reasons such as religious beliefs or medical conditions is November 12, and that exceptions will be allowed on a case-by-case basis.

Joe Kava, Google’s vice president of data centers, announced that it would offer an incentive of $5,000 to vaccinated workers to encourage employees to vaccinate, but some Google employees still oppose the mandatory vaccination.

Refusing to require vaccinations Employees told the company’s chief health officer, Karen DiSalvo, “Banning unvaccinated people from working in the office would openly expose their personal choices,” adding that “150,000 Google’s vaccine mandate, which employs more than one person, could have a major impact on other U.S. companies.”

However, a Google spokesperson told CNBC that “compulsory vaccination is one of the most important means to keep our workforce safe and to keep our services running.”

Currently, the Biden administration has ordered businesses with 100 or more employees to be vaccinated or routinely tested for COVID-19 by January 4 next year, but a court has put a brake on the enforcement of the order.

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