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[국제]”I thought it was a stain…” Chinese athlete’s gold medal at Tokyo Olympics peeled off

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Controversy over the quality of the Olympic medals arose when the women’s trampoline gold medalist at the Tokyo Olympics, Zhu Xueing (朱雪, 23), claimed that “the gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics has been removed.”

On the 23rd, Zhu Shaying posted on his SNS and said, “To inform you in advance, I did not intend to remove the gold plating from the beginning. I found a small stain on the medal, thought it was dirt, and rubbed it, but the stain grew rather large.”

In the last photo posted by Zhu Shaying, the stain is bigger than the first one. The post posted by Zhu Xiing received close to 10,000 comments. Chinese netizens pointed out that the efforts of gold medalists should not be rewarded with medals with poor quality.

A product designer told the Global Times, “It is difficult to distinguish only from the photos, but it seems that a problem occurred during the electroplating stage.” “The gold did not adhere properly because the residue was not removed between the coatings.”

Some even pointed out that the Tokyo Olympic medals were made from recycled electronic devices.

From 2017 to 2019, the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee received electronic devices donated from all the people under the name of ‘2020 Medal Project’ and made medals with gold extracted from them. This reflects the agenda of ‘for the earth and people’ and the purpose of ‘sustainable’ and ‘environment’ as set forth by the Tokyo Olympics.

The Japanese Mint told the Global Times that it had not discovered a problem with the gold plating peeling off at the time of production, and that the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee could investigate the case further.

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