[국제]Kishida’s surprise visit to Ukraine…Korea invited to G7 meeting


Prime Minister Fumio Kishida left for Ukraine after a summit with Indian Prime Minister Modi.

I plan to meet President Zelensky today in Kiu.

It is the first time a Japanese leader has visited a warring country since the Second World War.

Correspondent in Tokyo. Reporter Kim Se-ho!


yes It’s Tokyo.


Prime Minister Kishida visited Ukraine instead of returning home immediately after completing his visit to India.


yes Prime Minister Kishida, who visited India, was originally due to return to Japan this afternoon.

However, I went straight to Poland on a chartered flight.

Foreign media pictures showed Prime Minister Kishida boarding a train under guard.

Japan’s NHK reported that a reporter confirmed that Prime Minister Kishida was boarding a train bound for Ukraine from Poland’s main border.

Prime Minister Kishida will hold a summit with President Zelensky after arriving in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, the Japanese Foreign Ministry announced.

Prime Minister Kishida urged the international community to unite with strong sanctions against Russia, which invaded Ukraine as the chair of the G7, among the seven major countries.

It is expected that he will reveal his intention to continue supporting Ukraine.

Prime Minister Kishida has so far been identified as the only G7 leader who has not personally visited Kiiu, Ukraine.

In a situation where the situation in Ukraine is expected to be a major agenda item at the G7 Hiroshima summit in May, it seems difficult to postpone the visit any longer amid concerns that Japan’s diplomatic position could be narrowed if it does not visit Kiiwu.


Previously, Prime Minister Kishida officially announced that he would invite President Seok-Yeol Yoon to the Hiroshima G7 Summit, right?


yes That’s okay.

Prime Minister Kishida officially announced the invitation to the G7 summit to Japanese reporters in New Delhi, India, where he visited for a summit with Prime Minister Modi yesterday.

Among the countries invited were Korea, Brazil, Australia, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Morocco.

Let’s listen to Prime Minister Kishida’s comments.

[기시다 후미오 / 일본 총리 : 국제사회가 직면하고 있는 여러 과제의 대응을 중심으로 의논하는 확장 외교 등을 진행하기로 했습니다. 구체적으로는 인도 이외 인도네시아, 오스트레일리아, 한국, 쿡제도, 코모로, 브라질, 베트남 각 정상을 초청하기로 했습니다.]

Japan can decide which country to invite as chair of the G7 this year.

After the South Korean government presented a solution to enforce enforcement on the 6th,

Japan has repeatedly emphasized that Korea is an important neighbor that needs to respond together to various issues that are underway in the international community.

Japanese media reported that Prime Minister Kishida conveyed his intention to invite President Yoon to the G7 summit in Hiroshima in May at the Korea-Japan summit on the 16th.


What is the background to Japan’s official participation in the G7 summit in May?


Japan is seeking to expand its diplomatic influence by leading solidarity with countries that share values ​​in response to North Korea continuing its ballistic missile provocation, China seeking to expand its power in the Indo-Pacific region, and Russia invading the Ukraine.

In particular, there is a need to cooperate with South Korea to counter North Korea’s nuclear and missile provocations and to arm resources from China and Russia.

It is known that Japan has continuously revised Korea’s invitation in consideration of these aspects.

In an interview with Japanese media, President Yoon also expressed his desire to attend the Hiroshima G7 Summit.

Prime Minister Kishida’s invitation is read as a willingness to improve Korea-Japan relations as well as expand trilateral cooperation between Korea, the United States and Japan.

In fact, it is also known that the Korea-US-Japan summit will be promoted on the occasion of this G7 summit.

If it is successful, attention will be given to the leaders of the three countries drawing up measures to draw attention to cooperation between the three countries, such as the launch of a Korean-US-Japan nuclear umbrella advisory body.

So far, I’ve been telling you from Tokyo.

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