[국제]Mexico’s northern water bill ‘eyes’… Invitation to the squid game

A notice on the water bill that looks like an invitation from Netflix’s popular ‘Squid Game’ appeared in a residential area in Mexicali, northern Mexico.

Mexicali authorities said they were “using popular dramas to collect unpaid bills in a friendly way.”

The cost to print about 1,000 envelopes with circles, triangles, and squares was just 100 pesos, or about 5,800 won.

Authorities expect to collect 1 million pesos, or about 58 million won, of unpaid fees with small investments and ideas.

Marketing using the popular ‘Squid Game’ has been launched in Mexico and Central and South America.

Mexican professional wrestling ‘Lucha Libre’ also incorporated the squid game.

One group used the image of the squid game on the poster for the match on the 17th, and introduced a method of accumulating prize money for each round as in the drama and taking it to the final winner.

An image from a squid game appeared on the front page of the home team El Salvador newspaper ahead of the Qatar World Cup qualifiers between Mexico and El Salvador.

YTN Kim Tae-hyun ([email protected])

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