[국제]Moderna’s chief medical officer: Omicron vaccine could be released early next year

Paul Burton, chief medical officer and CMO of American pharmaceutical company Moderna, announced that a vaccine against the ‘Omicron’ mutation of COVID-19, which is being confirmed around the world, could be launched early next year.

CMO Burton appeared on the BBC ‘Andrew Mar Show’ on the 29th local time and said, “We need to find out if the current vaccine has the ability to prevent ‘Omicron’ mutation in the next two weeks.” Earlier, early next year, we will be able to release a vaccine,” he said.

He also explained that there are currently three important questions about the ‘Omicron’ mutation: how contagious it is, how serious it causes symptoms, and whether it can be controlled with a vaccine now, and it will take some time to get an answer.

In addition, when asked if ‘Omicron’ could evade the current vaccine, “About 30 mutations in the spike protein were identified, 9 of which were found to be related to immune evasion, and 11 were estimated to be related.” “Omicron,” he said, “is a very worrying change.”

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