[국제]More than half of those infected with Omicron in the UK have been vaccinated


In the UK, more than half of those infected with Omicron, a new strain of COVID-19, have completed two doses of the vaccine.

It is said that Omicron’s ability to evade vaccines is that great, but research results have shown that booster shots can also prevent Omicron’s infection.

This is a report by Lee Dong-heon, a reporter.


The British Health and Safety Administration announced on the 3rd local time that 12 out of 22 cases of omicron mutation infection in the UK until the 30th of last month were completed with two doses of the vaccine.

In addition, 2 cases were at least 4 weeks after the first dose, 6 cases were not vaccinated, and 2 cases had no relevant data.

Accordingly, we have issued a ‘red alert’ regarding the theoretical ability of Omicron mutations to evade vaccines and natural immunity, and warned that Omicron mutations may reduce the effectiveness of monoclonal antibody therapeutics.

The Emergency Scientific Advisory Group, which advises the UK government on how to respond to COVID-19, also predicted that the Omicron mutation is highly likely to evade immunity to some extent, leading to large-scale infections and increased hospitalization.

Among these, a study result showed that booster shot, the third inoculation, significantly increases immunity.

The research team measured the antibodies and immune cells of those who received the booster shot, the third dose, and found that the antibody increased to at least 90% protect against infection.

Also, as the booster shot had an effect on the beta and delta mutations, it was expected that it would also be effective for this micron mutation.

[사울 파우스트 / 사우샘프턴대 교수 : 현재 사용되는 백신을 부스터샷으로 맞을 경우 오미크론을 비롯한 변이에 효과가 있을 것으로 기대합니다.]

In particular, the research team explained that mRNA-based vaccines such as Pfizer and Moderna produced much higher levels of antibodies than other vaccines when boosted with booster shots.

This is YTN Lee Dong-heon.

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