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[국제]’Myanmar Incident’ ASEAN Summit… Supreme Commander Hlaing attended

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The ASEAN Special Summit was held this afternoon in Jakarta, Indonesia’s capital, to seek a solution to the Myanmar crisis.

Supreme Commander Min Aung Hlaing, who led the Myanmar military unit that caused the coup, participated in person, and foreign ministers from three countries, Thailand, Philippines, and Laos among the remaining nine countries, attended.

Previously, Supreme Commander Hlaing was revealed to arrive at the airport in Jakarta in a suit and get off the plane.

It is known that this special summit will last about 2 hours.

If the leaders of 10 countries or foreign ministers each speak on the Myanmar situation for at least 5 minutes and agree on a discussion, an ASEAN Joint Statement can be made, otherwise, the ASEAN Chairman’s Statement on the outcome of the discussion.

Supreme Commander Hlaing seems to be using the time of his speech to the fullest in convincing the coup justification.

At this special summit meeting, diplomatic officials are promising that a dramatic settlement such as’early re-election during ASEAN visits’ is unlikely to come out.

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