[국제]”Omicron, there are many reinfections, but symptoms are mild for those vaccinated”

South Africa’s increase in confirmed cases is steep… From 200 to 16,000
90% of confirmed cases in Guteng, South Africa, are infected with Omicron mutation
“Reinfection cases are higher than in previous pandemics”
“Travel restrictions in South Africa…unscientific and harsh measures”


In South Africa, where the omicron mutant virus is spreading rapidly, the number of re-infected people is also increasing, but it was analyzed that the symptoms were mild for those who were vaccinated.

South Africa’s president denounced the travel restrictions to his country as unscientific and harsh measures, and called for an end to vaccine inequality.

This is a report by Lee Dong-heon, a reporter.


The number of confirmed cases in South Africa, which is experiencing the 4th pandemic due to omicron mutation, is increasing even faster than before.

The number of new infections per day, which was less than 200 in the middle of last month, exceeded 16,000 last weekend.

In Guteng province, 90% of confirmed cases are micron mutations.

Reinfections due to omicron mutations are also on the rise compared to previous pandemics, a South African health expert said.

[윌리엄 하네컴 교수 / 아프리카 보건연구소 소장 : 재감염이 더 많다는 것은 바이러스가 이전 감염으로 얻은 면역력의 어떤 측면을 회피한다는 것을 보여줍니다.]

The expert also said that since most of the confirmed cases in South Africa are mutations in Omicron, we will soon be able to confirm how effective the existing vaccine is for Omicron.

However, we reconfirmed that the symptoms are mild in case of breakthrough infection.

[윌리엄 하네컴 교수 / 아프리카 보건연구소 소장 : 백신 접종자의 경우 증상이 비교적 경미해 보입니다. 가능하면 백신을 꼭 맞아야 한다는 점을 말해줍니다.]

South African President Ramaphosa slammed the ban on travel to southern Africa on the grounds of Omicron as unscientific and harsh.

He also urged developed countries to suspend vaccine patents so that vaccines can be produced in Africa, saying that it is hypocrisy for developed countries to monopolize vaccines and donate some generously.

This is YTN Lee Dong-heon.

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